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Green Man festival review – magical return for this psychedelic carnival

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‘This is friggin’ overwhelming,” exclaims Nadine Shah, grasping for words to sum up the hyper-emotional, multi-sensory overload that was returning to a music festival. Everyone present for the Tyne and Wear singer’s r...

Carnival spirit to infuse Queen’s platinum jubilee shindig

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A giant dragon puppet will be the centrepiece of the platinum jubilee pageant as the story of Queen Elizabeth II’s 70-year reign is told through street theatre, dance, circus acts and marching bands during a central L...

‘I wanted to capture the joy’: J’Ouvert writer Yasmin Joseph on bringing Europe’s biggest carnival to the stage

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In the summer of 2019 a tiny south London theatre staged a play by an unknown writer, directed by an actor who had never taken charge of a show before. Set two years earlier, J’Ouvert followed three young women throug...