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‘Carers enable us to live, not just exist’: a personal care employer on life without EU workers

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Katy Etherington runs a website, PA Pool, that matches disabled people with personal assistants (PAs). “Last year, we had 460 PAs join from Poland, and this year we’ve only had 36,” she says. “It’s a serious problem....

Calls for UK law securing right to care home visits for essential carers

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Families of care home residents fearing another lockdown if a new Covid variant spreads are urging the UK government to enshrine visits for essential carers in law. Più di 225,000 people have signed a petition call...

Disabled people struggling to hire carers after Brexit

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Disabled people are struggling to hire carers to help with vital daily tasks due to low pay and Brexit, the Observer has been told, with ministers refusing to ease immigration restrictions to address the crisis. Accor...

Most carers like me haven’t had a break since 2020 – it’s a scandal in plain sight

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It was 3am in the early hours of a Monday morning. I awoke to a phone call from my brother gasping for breath and struggling with chest pains in another room of my house. I rushed to his side and called an ambulance t...

Pariah Dog review – lyrical portrait of Kolkata’s canine carers

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The street dogs that feature in this lyrically-shot documentary aren’t strays, Esattamente; they are the indigenous, free-ranging “pye dogs” that have colonised India in large numbers and live fundamentally independently ...