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Mick McCarthy on borrowed time as Cardiff battle to end slump

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Last week Neil Warnock borrowed Forrest Gump’s famous line, comparing the unpredictability of his Middlesbrough team to a box of chocolates. “You never know what you’re gonna get," hy het gesê, doing his best impression o...

Cardiff street art celebrating diversity washed away by mistake

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A series of commissioned murals in Cardiff city centre was mistakenly washed away by cleaning staff after a “devastating” miscommunication. The artworks – which covered 11 concrete pillars in the city centre – had bee...

No Covid pass, no entry: Cardiff clubbers divided on new Welsh rules

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There was an extra thing for the hundreds of young people waiting in the queue outside Pryzm nightclub in Cardiff to worry about. As usual, they needed to show ID, undergo a search and make sure they still had their p...

Jason Mohammad 'kwaad' by gebrek aan hulp 30 jaar ná die onluste in Cardiff

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Die BBC -sportaanbieder Jason Mohammad het woede uitgespreek oor 'n gebrek aan regeringshulp vir die Ely -landgoed in Cardiff waar hy grootgeword het, 30 jare nadat die sogenaamde brood-onluste in die gebied uitgebreek het. Mohammad, wat front ...

BBC Cardiff Singer of the World review – young voices bring a mighty sound

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Gihoon Kim, from South Korea, a most modest personality possessed of a big baritone voice, took the BBC Cardiff Singer of the World’s main prize, the 20th since the competition’s inception. The warm embrace of the Car...