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Taliban fighters capture Afghan city at strategic junction north of Kabul

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The Taliban have captured the key Afghan city of Pul-e-Khumri, 140 miles north of the capital Kabul, giving the insurgents control of a strategic road junction linking Kabul to the north and west, according to insurge...

Taliban capture sixth provincial capital in northern Afghanistan

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The Taliban captured another provincial capital on Monday and were pressing on the biggest city in the region, Mazar-i-Sharif, following a stunning weekend offensive that has seen the insurgents overrun a series of ur...

USA’s Xander Schauffele holds on to capture Olympic men’s golf title

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Xander Schauffele won an Olympic gold medal he badly wanted by overcoming more pressure than he could have imagined Sunday. Right when Schauffele appeared to lose his firm grip on the gold, the 27-year-old American re...

Silent sevens: Olympics fail to capture spirit from Rugby World Cup

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The last time Japan played an international match at Tokyo stadium, casi 50,000 people watched the greatest adventure in the country’s rugby history come to an end against an invincible Springboks side who went on t...

Belgian news crew capture moment flooded house partially collapses – video

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Belgian TV station VTM recorded the partial collapse of a house in the town of Pepinster while interviewing its mayor, Philippe Godin, el jueves. The back wall of the flooded house began to cave in as he spoke, con...

Weatherwatch: fog traps capture water in Atacama desert

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Chile’s Atacama desert is famously dry, with virtually no measurable rainfall. It is coastal though, with a sea breeze blowing inland. New technology could help draw precious water from the sea air. Fog traps are mesh...

French police capture fugitive ex-soldier after huge manhunt

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Police in south-west France have detained a former soldier who fled into a forest after firing on security forces in an incident that sparked a huge manhunt. The government’s most senior official in the Dordogne regio...

‘They capture history’: the projects saving Spain and Portugal’s shop signs

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Fire engine red, bordered by polka dots and stretching the length of three cars, the sign for the Orte clothing store had long loomed over Madrid’s Alcalá thoroughfare, its presence steady even as fast-food restaurant...

Hundreds capture spectacular fireball pass uncomfortably close to Earth

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To the American Meteor Society it was simply Event 2281-2021, an unremarkable name for a spectacular fireball that made an uncomfortably close pass to Earth on Monday. A fiery trail and apparent space-rock explosion w...