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for colored girls: the 40-year-old masterwork that’s still captivating audiences

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In the first five minutes of the late artist Ntozake Shange’s masterwork, for colored girls who have considered suicide/ when the rainbow is enuf, a character makes plea of witness and recognition: “somebody/ anybody ...

PEN15 review – the most captivating cringe-comedy on TV bows out on a high

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PEN15 (Sky Comedy) started out as a show that leaned on the grotesqueness of the teenage experience, and was constructed on the foundations of a largely visual joke – that the 13-year-old versions of the two protagoni...

Home review – captivating revival of a neglected classic

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Harry and Jack – distinguished-looking older chaps in well-cut check weekend suits – chat in a wild garden. One claims to be a heating salesman, the other to run a high-end jam emporium, although shifty eyes and wobbl...

Destiny review – captivating solo show stares down the darkness

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Destiny is preparing for a big Thursday night out in rural Wiltshire. She leads us to her local nightclub, Karma, where the drinks are 50p and the evening will ultimately go sour, setting her on a path of desperate lo...

Rituel review – toddlers become teenagers in a captivating show

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Perfectly suited to the new outdoor stage of MultiStory, Rituel, from Matsena Productions, is a captivating journey through the ebullience of childhood and into the clumsiness of adolescence. It’s devised and performe...