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Virat Kohli caught out again as India captain’s struggles continue

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Virat Kohli walked. He had poked outside off, Jos Buttler pouched the ball, the cordon went up in appeal in chorus to the ringmaster, Jimmy Anderson, and India’s fight in the third Test was dead in the water. Except i...

Captains, capitals, and Cruise’s curry curiosity – take the Thursday quiz

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There’s nothing quite like the Thursday quiz. Once described in the comments as “irritating, shrill and self-indulgent” it features 14 questions on general knowledge and topical trivia, a handful of silly jokes, a hid...

All the captains shared our views on Super League – and they were not positive

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I said from the start the European Super League would be dead within a week but I was not expecting it to have come and gone in 48 ure. The idea was based on pure greed and I hope we never see its like again. My fir...

‘Sleep well skip’: Yeovil still raw before first game since captain’s tragic death

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Outside the ticket office at Huish Park, bouquets of flowers run seven or eight rows deep. Green and white scarfs, shirts, flags, framed pictures, footballs and teddy bears lie in tribute to Lee Collins, the former Ye...