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Garment workers in America’s fashion capital may make just $6 an hour. A new law could change that

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Los Angeles is considered the center of garment manufacturing in America, employing over 40,000 people to make clothing for fashion brands including Reformation, Forever 21, Charlotte Russe and Wet Seal. But for decad...

Indigenous warrior women take fight to save ancestral lands to Brazilian capital

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Più di 5,000 indigenous women have marched through Brazil’s capital to denounce the historic assault on native lands they say is unfolding under the country’s far-right president, Jair Bolsonaro. Female representat...

Virginia takes down Robert E Lee statue from state capital Richmond

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A towering bronze depiction of General Robert E Lee - one of the largest Confederate statues in the US – has been removed from its pedestal in Richmond, Virginia, the former capital of the Confederacy. The 21ft (6m) s...

Virginia to remove Robert E Lee statue from state capital Richmond

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One of the largest Confederate statues still on full public display in the US is to be removed on Wednesday when the authorities take down the towering bronze depiction of General Robert E Lee from Richmond, Virginia,...

‘Sleep is venture capital’: employers wake up to benefits of a nap

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A three-hour break in the middle of the working day for a languorous lunch, followed by a restorative nap sounds like the Mediterranean dream, but employers in Spain are increasingly moving away from this rigid schedu...

‘It’s really hit us now’: Newquay becomes England’s Covid capital

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At first glance it looked like a pretty perfect day in the self-styled surfing capital of the UK. The sandy beaches were packed, the pubs, cafes and shops humming. Look at little closer, anche se, and it became clear al...

Do I have to pay capital gains tax when I sell my flat because I had two lodgers?

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Q I’ve been renting out two rooms in my flat in Devon for several years but am now thinking of selling it. The rent has always been below the rent-a-room threshold of £7,500 a year, so I’ve not declared it or paid tax...

Chaos at Kabul airport as Taliban seize control of Afghan capital – video

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Crowds have packed the tarmac at Kabul airport in a bid to flee the Afghan capital as Taliban insurgents began taking over the city. Insurgents took control of the presidential palace. Al Jazeera showed footage of wha...

Kabul: US starts evacuating embassy as Taliban reach outskirts of Afghanistan capital

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The US has started evacuating diplomats from its Kabul embassy, two US officials have said, as the Taliban took control of the key eastern city of Jalalabad, leaving the Afghan capital as the last major city under gov...

Femi Fadugba: ‘There’s no reason why Peckham couldn’t be the theoretical physics capital of the world’

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Had it not been for his secondary school caretaker, physicist-turned-novelist Femi Fadugba might never have gone on to study material sciences and quantum computing at Oxford University. “I don’t usually tell people t...

David Cameron said to have made about $10m from Greensill Capital

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David Cameron made about $10m (£7m) from Greensill Capital before the finance firm he lobbied on behalf of collapsed, according to the BBC. BBC Panorama said it had obtained documents showing the former prime minister...

How Camley Street brought nature to the heart of the capital

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Beyond the plastic grass and polished concrete of King’s Cross’s Granary Square there is an unexpected enclave of trees. Step through a pair of tall wrought-iron gates salvaged from a vanished goods yard, and the griz...

Taliban seize second Afghan provincial capital in two days

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The Taliban have captured a second provincial capital in Afghanistan, a day after they took over the south-western financial hub of Zaranj, as the insurgent group continued to advance in urban parts of the country. Ta...

Capital Gazette shooting: jury finds man who killed five people criminally responsible

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A jury on Thursday found the gunman who killed five people at a Maryland newspaper criminally responsible, rejecting defense attorneys’ mental illness arguments. The jury of eight men and four women found that Jarrod ...

Notizie dal vivo sul coronavirus: England ‘bracing for 1-2m cases in weeks’; toughest curbs in force in South Korea capital

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South Korea reported 1,100 new coronavirus cases; England ministers told to brace for 1-2m new cases of coronavirus as final stage of unlocking looms

Taliban close in on Helmand capital as UK Afghan mission ends

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As Boris Johnson announced the end of Britain’s military mission in Afghanistan, Taliban fighters pressed in on the capital of Helmand province, once the centre of the UK’s presence there. Militants are less than a mi...

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