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The Man from Toronto review – dull Kevin Hart Netflix caper

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The Man from Toronto, a macho action romp starring Kevin Hart and Woody Harrelson, is yet another illustrative example of the Covid shockwave still rippling through the movie industry. It was originally slated for a t...

Playboy of the West Indies review – Caribbean caper with lots to love

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Is it a musical or is it a play with songs? It’s a moot point and one worth considering because this bright and enjoyable show falls between two stools. Nel 1984, the late Mustapha Matura exported JM Synge’s The Playbo...

Last Looks review – Mel Gibson is cast too close to the bone in Hollywood caper

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The seemingly unstoppable rehabilitation of Mel Gibson continues with this Hollywood-set comedy-crime thriller in which Gibson is practically trolling us by playing Alastair Pinch, a close-to-the-bone version of himse...

Turning Red review – pandas and pop music collide in solid Pixar caper

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The release of a new Pixar film, once a major, all-attention-securing event, has received a notable downgrade in recent years, not just because of a considerable dip in quality (arguably just Inside Out and Coco are t...

The Curse review – a sublime crime caper with an unfeasibly brilliant cast

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It’s worth prioritising The Curse just to hear the voice Tom Davis does in it. He has written himself the part of hulking weirdo Mick, a grimy, pie-stealing cartoon of a man whose tank tops are four inches too short a...

i registi non spiegano perché l'eroismo è in definitiva il più avvincente

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i registi non spiegano perché l'eroismo è in definitiva il più avvincente, i registi non spiegano perché l'eroismo è in definitiva il più avvincente, i registi non spiegano perché l'eroismo è in definitiva il più avvincente, i registi non spiegano perché l'eroismo è in definitiva il più avvincente: i registi non spiegano perché l'eroismo è in definitiva il più avvincente.

Rukmini Iyer’s vegan recipe for cauliflower and almond soup with chilli oil and caper twists

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This is such a simple but delicious soup, based on one made by my friend Emily years back. The velvety cauliflower soup is a wonderful contrast to the heat of the chilli oil and crispy almonds, with crunchy caper twis...

Sneakers: Robert Redford and River Phoenix nerd out in 1992’s prescient, high-tech caper

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A charming Robert Redford stars in the 1992 gem Sneakers, a high-tech (for its time) caper made in a post-cold war, pre-internet world when virtual reality was in its infancy and fears surrounding cyberwarfare were mo...

Stealing Chaplin review – charm pays in messy crime caper

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At one point in Stealing Chaplin, a sozzled huckster tries to pry open a Union Jack-draped coffin as Land of Hope and Glory rings out on the soundtrack. Maybe this somewhat amateurish but spunky low-budget crime film ...

True Story review – Wesley Snipes and Kevin Hart cannot salvage ludicrous crime caper

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Are we still surprised that comedians and comic actors can turn their hands to drama? Or are we sophisticated enough to know now that if you can do comedy, you can do anything. It’s trying to go the other direction th...

Night Drive review – LA car-boot caper pulls it out of the bag

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From Kiss Me Deadly to Repo Man to Pulp Fiction, the suitcase/car boot with mysterious contents has a distinct lineage in Los Angeles-set cinema. Perhaps a cipher for the city’s legendary transience and elusive promis...

TV stasera: comic catastrophe in a country house caper

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A welcome return for the heroically overambitious Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society, whose misconceived genre pieces, scenery-chewing performances and internal power struggles create exquisitely calibrated chaos. Ton...

Free Guy review – irresistible gaming caper

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The Canadian director Shawn Levy takes a particular joy in breathing life into things that should, by rights, be inanimate. So the jump from the sentient statues and relics of the Night at the Museum franchise to the ...

The Croods: A New Age review – much yabba-dabba ado in caveman caper

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A new age? Not really, but this sequel does feel like a rung up on the evolutionary ladder from 2013’s The Croods. It delivers more of the same Flintstones-meets-Ice Age family animation, with just as much headachy sl...

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart review – an unbelievably gorgeous sci-fi caper

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At several points during my time with Ratchet & Clank – after landing on a new planet whose peculiar rocky landscape stretched off far into the distance, ad esempio, or while I was zipping around a collapsing ci...

Homewrecker review – suburban hostage caper is a cheerier Misery

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It’s a pity this Canadian comedy-horror is too crudely put together to comfortably straddle its two genres, because it contains some zesty bursts of invention and bright performances from its leads. Precious Chong, w ...

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