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Rare ‘cotton candy lobster’ seeks home after rescue by Maine fisherman

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A lobster fisherman in Maine has caught an incredibly rare, one in a 100m “cotton candy” lobster that he has called Haddie and has now saved from being put in a cooking pot. In a Facebook post, Get Maine Lobster, a s...

Outdoor films and Covid-safe candy trails: readers’ Halloween plans

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Beneath a canopy of trees in the grounds of an old convent would be an ideal place to host a spooky screening of the Blair Witch Project any Halloween, but it’s especially fitting this year. Being outdoors means that ...

Bad Candy review – sickly Halloween horror anthology

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This unapologetically juvenile, but not unentertaining, anthology film parcels together a bunch of vaguely intersecting horror stories, presented as if they were being told by a small town DJ (66.6 on the dial) named ...