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Independent candidate dismisses eligibility concerns – as it happened

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John Fetterman, Democratic Pennsylvania Senate candidate, suffers stroke

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John Fetterman, the lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania and frontrunner in the state’s Democratic US Senate primary, suffered a stroke Friday, and is recovering, he said in a statement. “On Friday, I wasn’t feeling we...

Wakefield Labour chiefs walk out of final vote on byelection candidate

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Wakefield’s Labour party executive has walked out of the final selection meeting for the party’s byelection, in protest at the candidate choice, which members termed a stitch-up by Labour HQ. In a rebellion by activis...

Barnaby Joyce directs New England preferences to One Nation candidate living in Brisbane

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The One Nation candidate preferenced by the deputy prime minister, Barnaby Joyce, in his regional New South Wales electorate is a salesman from inner-city Brisbane. Joyce has directed preferences in his ultra-safe New...

Stormont candidate ‘grabbed by throat’ while canvassing

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A Stormont candidate was grabbed by the throat in a terrifying “sectarian and misogynistic” attack while out canvassing. Hannah Kenny, standing for the People Before Profit party, said the assault took place last Satu...

Candidato de One Nation acusado de postularse para dos partidos en lados opuestos del país

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Un candidato del partido One Nation de Pauline Hanson ha sido remitido a la Policía Federal Australiana después de que supuestamente nominara para postularse en dos escaños diferentes en lados opuestos del país.. El electoral australiano ...

Tory councillors disciplined for ‘hate’ directed at Jewish Labour candidate

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Conservative councillors in Oliver Dowden’s constituency have been disciplined for a “hate” campaign against a Jewish Labour candidate, according to an independent investigation commissioned by Tory HQ. The report fou...

French far-right candidate Marine Le Pen concedes defeat to Emmanuel Macron – video

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French National Rally party leader Marine Le Pen concedes defeat as projections show Emmanuel Macron has swept to victory with more than 50% of the vote in the second round of the presidential election. In her concess...

Coalition candidate says net zero by 2050 is a ‘flexible plan that leaves us wiggle room’

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Scott Morrison has told the United Nations Australia will reach net zero emissions by 2050 – but according to the Coalition’s candidate in Flynn, this commitment is a flexible, non-binding plan that leaves plenty of “...

Scott Morrison faces Liberal mutiny over Warringah candidate Katherine Deves’ trans views

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Scott Morrison is facing a mutiny over the Liberal party’s controversial candidate in Warringah, Katherine Deves, with intensifying calls for her to be dumped because of “hurtful and divisive” comments about transgend...

One Nation dumps Brisbane candidate Rebecca Lloyd days after AEC investigation revealed

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Rebecca Lloyd, One Nation’s candidate for the Queensland federal seat of Brisbane, has been disendorsed by the party just days after it was revealed the Australian Electoral Commission was investigating a Facebook pag...

Morrison abandons support for trans sport ban after hand-picked candidate apologises for tweets

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Scott Morrison has backpedalled after flagging the Coalition might support a bill banning transgender women from playing women’s sport, following a backlash from Liberal moderates and independents. Morrison said on We...

Nadine Dorries hands top charity role to candidate rejected by MPs

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La secretaria de cultura, Nadine Dorries, has pressed ahead with the appointment of former Tory parliamentary candidate Orlando Fraser to chair the Charity Commission, despite his rejection by an MPs’ scrutiny committee....

The latest threat to democracy? A Trump-backed candidate willing to ‘find extra votes’

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Donald Trump will return to Michigan on Saturday for his first visit since November 2020 when he spent the final hours of his presidential election campaign desperately trying to hold on to the state and fend off nati...

French rightwing candidate focuses on immigration as she slips to fifth in polls

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The rightwing presidential candidate Valérie Pécresse has promised to rewrite the French constitution in order to fight crime and illegal immigration, as she tried to boost a flagging campaign that risks her party imp...

Liberals select right-aligned candidate Simon Kennedy to run in Bennelong

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The Liberals have selected Simon Kennedy, a partner at consulting firm McKinsey, for the federal seat of Bennelong on Sydney’s north shore, in a branch plebiscite which again saw the right-aligned candidate trump the ...

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