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How to Be a Rock Star by Shaun Ryder review – candid, brilliant and bizarre

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The “rock star” is pretty much dead. With the TV-out-the-window lifestyle that dominated pop culture between the 70s and 00s out of favour, you’re more likely to see the term – and all the recklessness and charisma it...

US and China hold first ‘candid’ trade talks under Biden tenure

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Top US and Chinese trade negotiators have held “candid” talks, their first under the Biden presidency, as Washington continues to raise concerns over Beijing’s trade practices. In the long-awaited first official engag...

Dodie: Build a Problem review – a sweet, candid debut

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Ten years ago, an Essex teenager called Dodie Clark started uploading cover songs and original tracks to her YouTube channel, often replete with ukulele. Though she remained unsigned, in the years that followed, EP re...

Yaya Bey: The Things I Can’t Take With Me review – smooth, candid soul

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Yaya Bey’s music is rooted in something far gutsier than just smoky vocals. The Queens-born singer takes inspiration from black feminist theory, with her last album, The Many Alter-Egos of Trill’eta Brown, disegnare su ...