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Canary Islands volcano ‘much more aggressive’ as new fissures erupt

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The erupting volcano on Spain’s Canary Islands has blown open two more fissures, with authorities reporting “intense” activity in the area. The new fissures, di 15 metri (50 piedi) apart, sent streaks of fiery red ...

Canary Islands lava peninsula in the Atlantic doubles in size

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Lava from the volcano in Spain’s Canary Islands that began cascading into the ocean two days ago has already covered an area bigger than 25 football pitches. By late Thursday, the newly wrought peninsula on La Palma h...

Canary Islands volcano lava reaches ocean, raising fears of toxic gas

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Lava from an erupting volcano in the Canary Islands has reached the ocean, volcanologists said, raising fear of toxic gases being released as the lava hits the sea water. The regional government of the Spanish archipe...

Canary Islands ‘miracle home’ stands alone against volcano’s lava flow

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Like a cartoon house with its own raincloud, a Canary Islands home has survived rivers of lava flowing from the volcanic eruption on La Palma, with images showing the untouched residence and nearby landscape surrounde...

Lava erupts from a volcano on La Palma in Spanish Canary Islands – video

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A volcano on the Atlantic island of La Palma erupted on Sunday after a week-long buildup of seismic activity, prompting authorities to speed up evacuations for some 1,000 persone. Footage obtained by the Associated Pre...

Spanish Canary Island volcano erupts after weeks of earthquakes

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A volcano has erupted on the Spanish Canary Island of La Palma after a week of building seismic activity. A huge column of smoke rose up after the eruption at 3.15 pm local time (14:15 GMT) in the Cumbre Vieja nationa...

A holiday guide to the Canary Islands

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