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Kanada, China and US were all doomed to lose in Meng Wanzhou’s case

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The deal allowing Meng Wanzhou to return home to China nearly three years after her arrest will come as a relief to all the participants in a saga that rapidly turned from a narrow legal dispute into an escalating geo...

Trudeau calls election victory ‘clear mandateto get Canada through pandemic – video

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Justin Trudeau has won a third term as Canada’s prime minister, with his Liberal party set to capture the most votes in the snap election, a result he called a 'clear mandate' to get the country through the Covid pand...

Canada election 2021: full results

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Canada’s prime minister, Justin trudeau, will continue in office, but has not won a hoped-for majority in a snap election. Preliminary results suggest the new House of Commons will look very much like the old one. Tr...

Canada election result: Trudeau wins third term after early vote gamble

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Justin Trudeau has won a third term as Canada’s prime minister, with his Liberal party set to capture the most votes in the snap election, a result he called a “clear mandate” to get the country through the pandemic. ...

Kanada: mountain goat kills attacking grizzly bear with ‘dagger-like’ horns

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With their long, sharp claws and frightening speed, few predators in Canada’s wild hinterlands attack as mercilessly as a hungry grizzly bear. But in a rare turn of events, park officials say a mountain goat not only ...

Kanada: Alberta healthcare system on verge of collapse as Covid cases and anti-vax sentiments rise

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A surge in coronavirus cases has pushed the healthcare system in the Canadian province of Alberta to the verge of collapse, as healthcare workers struggle against mounting exhaustion and a growing anti-vaccine movemen...

Canada election: rivals force Justin Trudeau on to defensive in leaders’ debate

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Justin Trudeau has been forced to defend his government’s plans for fighting climate change, Canada’s fractured relationship with Indigenous peoples and a growing affordability crisis in the country as the prime minis...

Kanada: anti-vaxxers hit Justin Trudeau with a handful of gravel

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Justin Trudeau has been hit by a handful of gravel as anti-vaccination protesters targeted the Canadian prime minister’s campaign for re-election. A CTV camera captured what appears to be white gravel hitting Trudeau ...

USA draw with Canada after McKennie misses match due to Covid violation

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The remade US men’s team quickly got themselves into trouble in World Cup qualifying, wasting Brenden Aaronson’s second-half goal when Cyle Larin scored to lift Canada to a 1-1 draw on Sunday night. Christian Pulisic ...

USA v Canada: World Cup 2022 qualifier – live!

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Canada upset USA in OT thriller to become women’s ice hockey world champions

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Marie-Philip Poulin scored in overtime, and Canada beat the five-time defending champion United States 3-2 on Tuesday night for their first gold medal at the women’s hockey world championship since 2012. Poulin, the C...

Canada turns to satirical Indigenous website to interpret grim news

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Days after the statues of two British monarchs were toppled in the province of Manitoba amid growing fury over the legacy of Canada’s residential school system, where Indigenous children were forcibly sent for much of...

Canada athletes may not be safe at 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, opposition leader says

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The leader of Canada’s Conservative opposition party has warned that it may soon be too dangerous for Canadians to travel to China for the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing. Speaking at a news conference on Ontario on T...

Kanada: pressure on Catholic church to compensate victims of residential schools abuses

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The Catholic church in Canada has come under growing pressure to compensate victims of the country’s residential school system after the scale of its assets were revealed in a string of media investigations. As part o...

‘I came home to fight for my land’: First Nations battle Canada blaze that displaced them

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When Tyler Vander Griend saw thick black smoke rising above the village of Lytton in western Canada, his first instinct was to run towards the inferno. But the flames were moving too fast, and Vander Griend, a lanky y...

Quinn: the Olympics’ first out trans medalist aims for gold with Canada

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On Monday when Canada beat the US 1-0 to advance to the women’s football final and guarantee themselves at least a silver medal, Quinn, their midfielder, took yet another step toward history. Op Vrydag, they will beco...

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