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The Great Furniture Delay: ‘We’ll be eating Christmas dinner on our camping tables’

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The £800 Townhouse dining table is an “elegant, sturdy classic” built for gathering round. Marsha Moore’s £20 melamine camping table, with a surface area of less than a square metre, is nie, and certainly not where sh...

‘Our campsite was an apocalyptic disaster scene’: readers’ summer camping stories

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Cliff camping seemed like a great idea during the pandemic, when we were craving adventure. After a couple of hours spotting seals, abseiling and rock climbing with our very patient guide, we abseiled down to our bed ...

Share your stories of dramatic camping experiences this summer

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Camping has proven one of the most popular holiday choices in the UK this summer. With this mind, we would like to hear about your camping trips during the summer of 2021 – and any dramatic stories that unfolded, van...

‘A wild pony stamped on my tent!’: seven readers on their first camping experiences

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Na 18 months of lockdown and seeing nothing but buildings and city life, I needed to get away. I’d dreamed of visiting the Outer Hebrides for years and decided to take the plunge in May 2021, walking and camping so...

Tell us your stories of first-time camping holidays

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Camping equipment and family tents are flying off the shelves in the UK this summer as people look for cheaper holiday alternatives during the pandemic. With this is mind, we’d like first-time campers to tell us all ...

What food to pack for a rainy camping holiday

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We’re going camping come what may, and need good food for not-so-good days.Martin, Reading As Winnie the Pooh so wisely put it, “When life throws you a rainy day, play in the puddles”. But happy campers also need equi...

‘No live music and a curfew’: Glastonbury opens Worthy Farm for tranquil camping

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The announcement that a farmer in the English West Country is opening up his fields as a campsite for a few weeks in the summer does not usually cause a stir. But when booking lines open for one site on Saturday, pitc...