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Mayor’s Fund for London reports Naomi Campbell’s charity over debt of £50,000

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A charity whose patron is the mayor of London says the fashion charity founded by the supermodel Naomi Campbell owes it tens of thousands of pounds. The Mayor’s Fund for London, whose figurehead is the current mayor, ...

Naomi Campbell’s fashion charity investigated over finances

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The fashion charity established by the supermodel Naomi Campbell has come under formal investigation from the charities watchdog over misconduct concerns relating to its management and finances. Campbell created Fashi...

Naomi Campbell’s motherhood is good news, but most women don’t have her reproductive choices

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Vroeër hierdie week, supermodel Naomi Campbell created a social media storm by posting a picture of her hand cradling a small baby’s feet with the caption: “A beautiful little blessing has chosen me to be her mother.” W...

Fiona Millar, vennoot van Alastair Campbell: Die hantering van sy depressie het my geleer: moenie jouself blameer nie

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Oor die jare, Ek het gewoond geraak aan verskillende "identiteite" - hulp van Cherie Blair, vennoot van Alastair Campbell, laasgenoemde ma van die komediant Grace Campbell. Meer onlangs, Ek het 'n nuwe persona aangeneem; die pa ...

Nancy Campbell’s playlist: 10 songs from my travels

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I never travel without a necklace that has a tiny bronze figure from the Finnish epic Kalevala. This talisman was given me by Anna-Kaisa, a teenage music prodigy, on a summer exchange when I was 15, which launched my ...