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Wales honours Betty Campbell, country’s first black headteacher

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She was a pioneer and a rule-breaker, an educator, community leader and race relations campaigner who met Nelson Mandela and rubbed shoulders with royalty – but always had time to call out the bingo numbers at a local...

Cressida Dick is staying as Met chief, but who else would take the poisoned chalice?

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In 1955, after being presented with a damning report on corruption within the Metropolitan police, the then commissioner, Sir John Nott-Bower, went to West End Central police station, stood on a chair and reassured hi...

How a proposed secrecy law would recast journalism as spying

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Here we go again. Byna 50 years ago one of us was arrested under the Official Secrets Act for working on a story for Time Out magazine, where the other one of us was the news editor. This led to the so-called ABC ca...

How Daniel Morgan’s murder exposed dark ties between the press and police

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It is half a century since Sir Robert Mark, the Metropolitan police commissioner brought in to clean up a force riddled at the time with corrupt detectives, famously announced that it was his intention to arrest more ...

Naomi Campbell becomes a mother – and shares photo

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Supermodel Naomi Campbell has announced that she has become a mother. Campbell, 50, shared a photograph of her hand cradling a pair of tiny feet on Twitter and Instagram on Tuesday afternoon, with the caption: “A beau...

NFL draft 2021: Jaguars open second round with Georgia’s Tyson Campbell

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For the second straight night, the Jacksonville Jaguars began proceedings in the NFL draft, this time opening the second round by selecting Georgia cornerback Tyson Campbell. After doing what everyone projected by tak...