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Drink-spiking is at ‘epidemic’ levels in UK, campaigners tell MPs

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Drink- and drug-spiking has reached “epidemic” levels in the UK and is now so common it can happen to anyone, campaigners have told a new parliamentary inquiry into the problem. The home affairs select committee was t...

Home Office backing of women’s safety app is insulting, sê kampvegters

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Women’s safety campaigners have called the Home Office’s backing of an app that allows users to track their friends’ journeys home “insulting to women and girls”, arguing that it does nothing to tackle the issue of me...

Campaigners force Shell to halt oil exploration on South African coast

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Shell will be forced to halt oil exploration in vital whale breeding grounds along South Africa’s eastern coastline after a local court blocked the controversial project. The court order calls for an immediate halt to...

Linlithgow campaigners fight against renaming of Black Bitch pub

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No visitor to Linlithgow can miss the prominent lettering across the gable end of the 17th-century tavern at the top of the high street: Black Bitch. “There will be people who are offended and they have a right to the...

Campaigners condemn latest UK move to delay overhaul of gambling laws

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UK government proposals to overhaul gambling legislation have been delayed until spring, die Guardian verstaan, prompting a warning from campaigners that the postponement could lead to more suffering and even suici...

Defra may approve ‘devastating’ bee-killing pesticide, campaigners fear

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The UK government may be about to approve the use of a controversial bee-killing pesticide, wildlife groups fear. Sources inside the Department for Environment, Voedsel en Landelike Sake (Defra) say that, after pressure ...

Campaigners threaten UK legal action over porn sites’ lack of age verification

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The UK data watchdog must introduce age verification for commercial pornography sites or face a high court challenge over any failure to act, children’s safety groups have warned. The demand in a letter to the Informa...

Ministers should face misconduct charges over Covid crisis, say UK campaigners

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UK ministers should face charges of “misconduct in public office” over their handling of the coronavirus pandemic, an unofficial inquiry has said. The People’s Covid inquiry, formed by the political campaign group Kee...

Sommige klimaatkampvegters prys Biden vir die vrystelling van noodoliereserwes

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In 'n verrassende stap, Sommige kampvegters vir klimaatkrisis het Joe Biden geprys omdat hy die vrystelling van noodoliereserwes beveel het in 'n poging om energiepryse regoor die land te verlaag. Op Dinsdag, die president sê...

Campaigners criticise European zoo proposals to cull adult male gorillas

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Campaigners are hitting back at zoo proposals to cull adult male gorillas, arguing they should be returned to the wild instead.Overcrowding of critically endangered western lowland gorillas in zoos has led the influen...

Kampvegters vier nuwe Britse omgewingswet, maar beloof om voort te veg

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Na 1,056 dae, drie koningin se toesprake, ontelbare ure se opstel, veldtogte voer, protes en debat, die eerste omgewingswetsontwerp vir 26 jaar het in wet oorgegaan. Omgewingsaktiviste in die hart van eerste druk...

Constitutional rows must not affect rights of children, say Scottish campaigners

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Children’s rights protections must not become the victim of constitutional argument, Scotland’s youth campaigners have warned, as they urge the Scottish government to work at speed to address a supreme court judgment ...

Kosmetiese prosedure -industrie is soos die 'wilde weste', sê kampvegters

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Die nie-chirurgiese kosmetiese industrie is soos die "wilde weste", sê kenners en kampvegters, wat 'n beroep op die regering doen om op te hou om steeds dringender pleidooie vir die regulering van nie-indringende opgawe te ignoreer..

Tax lost in UK amounts to £35bn – almost half, sê kampvegters, due to fraud

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The amount of tax lost in Britain through non-payment, avoidance and fraud has increased to £35bn, volgens amptelike syfers. HM Revenue and Customs said the tax gap – the difference between the expected income fo...

Scottish campaigners condemn Cop26 as ‘the most exclusionary ever’

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Scotland-based climate campaigners have condemned “the most exclusionary Cop ever”, as they reveal a waiting list of nearly 2,000 delegates and activists who were still seeking affordable accommodation for November’s ...

Europe’s top 25 banks failing on green pledges, campaigners warn

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Europe’s 25 largest banks are still failing to present comprehensive plans that address both the climate crisis and biodiversity loss, putting their sustainability pledges in doubt, kampvegters het gewaarsku. While some...

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