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Alec Baldwin was pointing gun at camera when it went off, director says

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Alec Baldwin was practising a scene that involved him pointing a gun “towards the camera lens” when it accidentally went off, killing his director of photography, according to a written statement by the film’s directo...

Apple iPhone 13 resensie: cheaper, longer lasting and better camera

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The iPhone 13 is a minor upgrade to last year’s brilliant iPhone 12, with an improved camera, larger storage longer battery life and a small price cut. Apple’s latest regular-sized smartphone costs £779 ($799 or A$1,3...

Photos from ‘beyond the grave’: camera discovery reveals climber’s last images before fatal avalanche

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When mountaineer Chris Hill found a backpack with an old camera in it on the Hooker Glacier – an 11km chunk of ice on New Zealand’s South Island – he was intrigued and decided to get the film inside developed. Hooker ...

Locked-off camera shows devastating power of Hurricane Ida – video

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Video footage caught on a locked-off camera at a dock in Port Fourchon, Louisiana shows the immense power of Hurricane Ida as it made landfall off the US south coast. The category 4 storm moved through the state nort...

Camera operator gives cockroach a scurrying moment of Olympic glory

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It was a moment of the Tokyo Olympics just made for television. But the clip raising eyebrows on Tuesday wasn’t Simone Biles capturing a medal on her return to the gymnastics arena, or Novak Djokovic throwing a tantru...

Ligte, camera, studio space? Lack of production capacity hits UK film industry

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The UK needs to build the equivalent of four new film studios to keep up with the ever-increasing demand for new content from streaming giants such as Netflix, or risk losing out on billions of pounds of movie and TV ...

TV vanaand: in front of the camera lens with Elizabeth Taylor

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This engaging series investigating the lives of enigmatic celebrities through their intimate and iconic images lands this week on Hollywood star Elizabeth Taylor. We get a glimpse into Taylor’s English childhood, bef...

Camera retailer Jessops calls in administrators for a second time

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Camera retailer Jessops is to appoint administrators for the second time in little more than a year, in a move that puts 120 jobs at risk. The business, controlled by Dragons’ Den panellist Peter Jones, said it had fi...