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WHO calls for Covid booster pause so those in poorer nations can be vaccinated – video

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The World Health Organization has asked the world's richest countries to delay rolling out booster shots to their populations before at least 10% of the world is vaccinated. 'We cannot accept countries that have alrea...

Lord Speaker calls for Covid public inquiry ‘as soon as possible’

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The Lord Speaker, Norman Fowler, has said a public inquiry into how the Covid pandemic was handled by the government should be set up “as soon as possible” and should not be delayed. Lord Fowler, who was a cabinet min...

Gordon Brown leads calls for $60bn of Covid support for poor countries

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A whirlwind six-week campaign to persuade the UK-hosted G7 summit to fund a $60bn two-year vaccine and healthcare support package for poor countries is being spearheaded by the former prime minister Gordon Brown. In a...

Gordon Brown calls for G7 to act on Covid vaccine ‘apartheid’

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Preventing poor countries suffering from vaccine “apartheid” will require the G7 group of rich nations to commit $30bn (£22bn) a year to a global immunisation drive, Gordon Brown gesê het. The former Labour prime mini...

Australiese politiek leef: Labor calls for cash for Covid jabs as parliament returns; Westmead hospital worker tests positive

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Anthony Albanese wants the Morrison government to provide a one-off $300 payment to every person who has been fully vaccinated by 1 Desember. Volg die nuutste opdaterings

‘This was avoidable’: families bereaved in second wave join calls for Covid inquiry

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It was a club that didn’t really want any new members. When the Covid-19 Bereaved Families for Justice group first asked the prime minister to launch a public inquiry into the UK’s pandemic response last June, 450 gri...