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Carli Lloyd calls it a career as USA women silence South Korea in friendly

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The US women sent Carli Lloyd into retirement with a 6-0 rout of South Korea on Tuesday night. Lloyd didn’t score in her final match, but it hardly mattered because the night was all about her. Fans chanted Lloyd’s na...

Ole Gunnar Solskjær del Manchester United llama 5-0 golpeando el "día más oscuro"

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A defiant Ole Gunnar Solskjær insisted he remains the best manager for Manchester United and is not considering leaving his position despite their 5-0 home humiliation by Liverpool on what he described as his darkest ...

BBC’s director of sport calls for new rules on TV’s ‘crown jewels’

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The director of sport at the BBC has called for new rules on TV’s “crown jewels” following criticism directed at the broadcaster during the Olympic Games this summer. Barbara Slater told MPs at the the digital, cultur...

Llamados a prohibir los grupos neofascistas después de la violencia en Roma Covid pasan las protestas

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Crecen los llamamientos en Italia para abolir los movimientos neofascistas después de las violentas protestas contra los pases de la vacuna Covid-19 en Roma, durante el cual los manifestantes intentaron entrar por la fuerza en la residencia oficial del italiano..

Francia pide al Reino Unido que "pague lo que debe" por vigilar Channel

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El ministro del Interior francés ha pedido el inicio de negociaciones para un tratado migratorio entre la Unión Europea y Reino Unido.. Gérald Darmanin también instó al gobierno británico a "mantener su promesa" de financiar..

University defends ‘academic freedoms’ after calls to sack professor

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A university has said it will not tolerate threats to “academic freedoms” after a professor faced calls to be sacked over her views on gender identification. An anonymous group is campaigning to remove Kathleen Stock,...

Senior state department official calls Biden’s deportation of Haitians illegal

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A senior legal adviser in the state department has accused the Biden administration of deporting Haitians illegally through the use of a public health law. Harold Koh, a veteran of the Obama administration, had been d...

Biden califica a los republicanos de "hipócritas", peligroso y vergonzoso’ sobre el límite de la deuda - video

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En su discurso de hoy sobre la necesidad de subir el límite de la deuda el lunes, El presidente de Estados Unidos, Joe Biden, arremetió contra los republicanos y su uso del filibustero para obstaculizar a los demócratas, así que seamos claros: no solo son republicanos ....

UK asylum seekers in hotels should have been given money for phone calls, reglas del juez

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A Home Office decision not to give thousands of asylum seekers money to make calls to friends and family during the pandemic has been ruled unlawful by the high court. The government could be forced to backdate the we...

Jermaine Jenas calls for laws to make social media firms tackle racism

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Jermaine Jenas, the former England footballer turned TV presenter, has urged the government to sanction social media companies that fail to stamp out racism and abuse on their platforms. For months Jenas has been moni...

UK joins calls on Mali to end alleged deal with Russian mercenaries

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The UK has joined a mounting international campaign of pressure on Mali’s military leaders to step back from a suspected deal with a Russian mercenary company, amid fears that the agreement will further complicate ins...

Home Office resisting calls to let asylum seekers work in the UK

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Priti Patel’s department is resisting growing demands to allow asylum seekers to work following a public intervention from her cabinet colleague Dominic Raab to say that he would be “open-minded’ about the proposal. L ...

Southeastern’s state takeover will amplify calls for rail reform

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The manner in which Southeastern joined the ranks of the train services under direct state control – a £25m accounting breach and a possible fraud investigation – came as some shock. But the eventual arrival into publ...

ACCC calls for new powers to rein in Google’s dominance of Australian online ads

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The Australian competition regulator has argued it needs more powers to control Google’s dominance of the $9.5bn Australian online advertising industry, con 90% of ad impressions passing through at least one Google s...

Nayib Bukele calls himself the ‘world’s coolest dictator’ – but is he joking?

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Among the colourful houses of Comunidad Iberia, an impoverished neighbourhood of San Salvador, the dark glass cube of the Urban Centre for Welfare and Opportunities (or Cubo in its Spanish acronym) is an eye-catching ...

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