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‘I kept finding snakes’: meer as 90 rattlesnakes found under California home

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Al Wolf is used to clearing one or two snakes from under houses but recently was called by a woman who said she had seen rattlesnakes scurry under her northern California house and was surprised to find more than 90 r...

Meer as 700 firefighters battling wildfire spreading along California coast

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The main highway in southern California’s coastal mountains remained closed on Wednesday and evacuation orders were in place as a growing wildfire chewed through dry vegetation in the region. Meer as 760 firefighter...

Kalifornië: strong winds increase danger of fresh wildfires around the state

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Blustery winds surged through California, raising fears of fresh wildfires as red flag warnings of dangerous fire conditions continues in mountains, valleys, canyons and deserts. At least a half-dozen fires erupted ar...

California justice department to investigate enormous oil spill

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California’s justice department is investigating the spill off the coast of Huntington Beach earlier this month, which sent thousands of gallons of oil into the ocean, the state’s attorney general, Rob Bonta, announce...

Die 'matige vuis' van Kalifornië -surfer keer die aanval op witdoodhaaie af

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Branderplankryers op 'n strand in die provinsie Sonoma, Kalifornië, gebruik 'n branderplankband as 'n toerniket om 'n man te red wie se regterbeen deur 'n grootwithaai haak. Eric Steinley is aangeval toe hy rondry 50 meter van die skou af ...

Kalifornië sterf nadat hy geslaan is deur mense wat hy met 'n vragmotor wou slaan

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'N Man is dood nadat hy mense met sy vragmotor op 'n sypaadjie wou slaan, teen 'n gebou neergestort en daarna deur die groep in die suide van Kalifornië uitgeruk en geslaan is, owerhede gesê. Die man is gevra om 'n bus te verlaat..

California companies can no longer silence workers in victory for tech activists

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In a major victory for Silicon Valley activists and California workers, the governor has signed a law making it illegal for companies to bar employees from speaking out about harassment and discrimination. The new law...

Coronavirus live nuus: California deploys National Guard, Pfizer jab ‘highly effective’ against hospitalisations

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Extra help called in for overwhelmed hospitals in California; two doses of the Pfizer/BioNTech are about 90% effective at preventing hospitalisations for at least six months, research reveals; Russia’s daily Covid cas...

California deploys national guard to hospitals overwhelmed by Covid

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The national guard has been deployed to hospitals in rural north and central California, where short-staffed hospitals have been overwhelmed with coronavirus patients – exposing stark disparities within the most popul...

‘I got my weed from California’: Justin Bieber launches joints named after song

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Justin Bieber has entered the cannabis industry launching $32 (£23.50) packs of pre-rolled joints named Peaches after his recent hit song. Bieber, 27, on Monday announced a partnership with the Los Angeles based canna...

California beaches closed as ‘devastating’ oil spill threatens wildlife

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Temperatures in southern California surged on Sunday, but Huntington state beach was devoid of the umbrellas and beach blankets that would typically line its shore. In plaas daarvan, public works officials were working feveri...

California becomes first state to require Covid vaccines for all students

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California has announced the nation’s first Covid-19 vaccination mandate for schoolchildren, a plan that will have all elementary through high school students get the shots once the vaccine gains final approval from t...

California synagogue killer not allowed to speak as he gets life without parole

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A 22-year-old white supremacist was denied a chance to address a courtroom before a judge sentenced him Thursday to life in prison without the possibility of parole for bursting into a southern California synagogue on...

California school board officials plead for protection from protesting parents

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The California school boards association has pleaded with the governor to protect education officials facing an “unprecedented increase in hostility”, as board meetings across the state have been rocked by aggressive ...

California scrambles to ban ‘ghost guns’ as untraceable weapons’ popularity soars

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Cities across California are ramping up efforts to try to stop the flow of so-called ghost guns into their jurisdictions, as the do-it-yourself weapons appear with increasing frequency at homicide scenes, traffic stop...

The California region where Covid ‘just isn’t slowing down’

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California has the lowest coronavirus case rate in the country. But within the state, the agricultural Central Valley and rural north remain overwhelmed. Resistance to vaccines and public health mandates, combined wit...

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