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Caine prize goes to ‘incandescent’ short story by Idza Luhumyo

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Kenyan writer Idza Luhumyo has won the 2022 AKO Caine prize for African writing, with a short story judges described as “incandescent”. Five Years Next Sunday, first published in the book Disruption: New Short Fiction...

Get Carter review – Michael Caine delivers in stone-cold crime classic

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Even after 50 jare, do we properly get Carter? And understand that his awful destiny is bound up with British shame, envy and the class system? Mike Hodges created a Brit-crime magnum opus with this unforgettably sle...

TV vanaand: Joe Cole is the new Michael Caine in spy thriller The Ipcress File

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Based on the 1965 film starring Michael Caine and the book of the same name by Len Deighton, here’s a timely adaptation of the spy thriller set during the cold war. Joe Cole (Peaky Blinders, Gangs of London) confident...