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Houseplant of the week: barrel cactus

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Why will I love it? It’s the quintessential cactus you can find everywhere, even in supermarkets, making it a gateway cactus for beginners. Barrel cacti (Echino-cactus grusonii) range from windowsill-size to over a me...

Houseplant of the week: blue candle cactus

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Why will I love it?This rare and very strangely shaped cactus stands out from the rest, thanks to its “scientific experiment gone wrong” appearance and its long mouthful of a botanical name, Myrtillocactus geometrizan...

Houseplant of the week: fishbone cactus

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Why will I love it? Epiphyllum anguliger, more commonly known as the fishbone or zigzag cactus, is a fun, non-spiky plant that will add movement to your room – plus it’s non-toxic for pets and people. Light or shadeLi...

David Attenborough vs the cactus: how the 95-year-old was stabbed by a plant

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Name: David Attenborough. Age: 95. Appearance: Our most beloved national treasure. Why are we talking about David Attenborough? I love him. Oh no, is this bad news? It’s fine. He’s still with us. Luckily. Luckily?? I...

Prickly present: dancing cactus toy that raps in Polish about cocaine goes viral

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A word of warning before you go toy shopping this Christmas: beware the rapping cactus. The toy, marketed as educational, may teach your children more than you want them to know, as a woman in Brampton, Ontario, disco...