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Wakefield Labour chiefs walk out of final vote on byelection candidate

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Wakefield’s Labour party executive has walked out of the final selection meeting for the party’s byelection, in protest at the candidate choice, which members termed a stitch-up by Labour HQ. In a rebellion by activis...

Lib Dems ‘already campaigning’ for Tiverton and Honiton byelection

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The Liberal Democrats have already begun campaigning for the Tiverton and Honiton byelection before its date has even been set, Ed Davey has said, calling his party “an anti-Tory campaigning machine” which is key to r...

Ed Balls rules out political comeback for Labour in Wakefield byelection

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Ed Balls has ruled out a return to politics as a Labour candidate in the upcoming Wakefield byelection. The former shadow chancellor, who lost his Morley and Outwood seat at the 2015 eleccion general, wrote on Twitter...

Preso en cárcel de Bahrein envía carta a Lewis Hamilton

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Preso en cárcel de Bahrein envía carta a Lewis Hamilton 3,266. Preso en cárcel de Bahrein envía carta a Lewis Hamilton 9,413 votos, superando al candidato conservador Robert Alden que ...

‘People who voted Tory are embarrassed’: Labour in buoyant mood before Birmingham Erdington byelection

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Paulette Hamilton can barelyleave her campaign headquarters onErdington high street without being approached for a chat. “I want Boris Johnson out. I don’t like him,” young mum Sabrina Simmonds tells her. Another supp...

After the North Shropshire byelection – cartoon

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A disconsolate Boris Johnson tries to recapture the party spirit…

Boris Johnson acepta la responsabilidad de North Shropshire por maltrato electoral

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Boris Johnson ha dicho que acepta la responsabilidad de la aplastante derrota de su partido en el norte de Shropshire por elección, pero también culpó desafiante a los medios de comunicación por centrarse en "la política y los políticos" después de una serie de ...

Share your thoughts on the North Shropshire byelection result

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In an extraordinary defeat for the Conservatives, Lib Dem Helen Morgan won 17,957 votes in the North Shropshire byelection, 5,925 more than the Tories’ Neil Shastri-Hurst. Labour’s Ben Wood was third with 3,686, y T...

North Shropshire por elección: "Un strike más y está fuera", Tory MP dice de Boris Johnson - en vivo

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Últimas actualizaciones: El veterano diputado conservador Sir Roger Gale dice derrotar un 'referéndum' sobre el primer ministro después de que los demócratas liberales tomaran asiento en manos de los conservadores durante casi 200 años

North Shropshire por elección: Los liberales demócratas ganan el antiguo asiento seguro de los conservadores en un golpe a Johnson

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Los demócratas liberales obtuvieron una sorprendente victoria en el norte de Shropshire por elección., tomando lo que anteriormente había sido un asiento conservador seguro por un margen de casi 6,000 votos, y culminando unas pocas semanas desastrosas para ...

‘They’re all at it’: North Shropshire shrugs off sleaze before byelection

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At No 17 Noble Street, running off the high street in Wem, Shropshire, is the modest house in which the great 19th-century radical essayist William Hazlitt grew up. Nearly everything about Wem is modest, including the...

Byelection booster? PM mistakes candidate’s name during Oswestry visit

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Boris Johnson has made a surprise visit to North Shropshire in an apparent sign of Tory jitters about a Lib Dem challenge in what is usually a staunchly Conservative seat in a byelection on 16 diciembre. Johnson anuncia los términos de referencia para la investigación de Covid.

Old Bexley and Sidcup byelection: Tories retain true-blue seat

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The Conservatives have held the safe seat of Old Bexley and Sidcup in the first in a series of closely watched parliamentary byelections. Councillor Louie French was elected as the new MP, replacing the well-liked for...

‘Better the devil you know’: lukewarm support for Tories in Bexley byelection

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Conservative voters have suggested they will stick with the party for the first in a series of crucial byelections for Boris Johnson, although many labelled the prime minister a serial U-turner and rule-breaker while ...

Labour to stand in Shropshire byelection sparked by Owen Paterson resignation

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Labour has confirmed it will put up a candidate in the North Shropshire byelection – the seat about to be vacated by the disgraced former Conservative cabinet minister Owen Paterson. There had been suggestions that op...

Los conservadores seleccionan al concejal Louie French para Old Bexley y Sidcup por elección

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Los conservadores han seleccionado un candidato para disputar el Old Bexley y Sidcup por elección después de la muerte del diputado James Brokenshire.. Louie French, concejal durante ocho años y exdirector adjunto de Bexley co ...

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