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Half of UK’s butterfly species vulnerable to extinction as five join red list

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Half of Britain’s butterfly species are now listed as threatened with extinction after five more joined the new “red list” of endangered butterflies. The increase in the number of species listed as “vulnerable” from n...

Texas butterfly center targeted by far-right conspiracy theorists to reopen

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There’s a legend in south Texas involving the Monarch butterfly, the magnificent insect with the tiger markings. The Monarch typically arrives in the Rio Grande valley on its annual migratory trek in early November. T ...

‘I’m afraid’: Texas butterfly sanctuary forced to close after far-right threats

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In Mission, Texas, on the border between the US and Mexico, sits the National Butterfly Center. A 100-acre nature preserve once exclusively dedicated to the conservation of plants and wildlife, it has now been thrust ...

Western monarch butterfly count hits five-year high – but the fight isn’t over

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The number of western monarch butterflies overwintering in California rebounded to more than 247,000 a year after fewer than 2,000 appeared, but the tally remained far below the millions that were seen in the 1980s, l...

‘A tale of woe’: UK butterfly numbers hit by cold, wet spring

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Butterflies across the UK have been hit hard by unseasonably cold and wet spring weather, conservationists have warned. April was the sunniest on record but it also had a record number of frosts followed by the wettes...

Lunch for a dragonfly – an ignominious end for Britain’s biggest butterfly

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La settimana scorsa, I witnessed a wondrous and slightly horrifying spectacle of nature. I was admiring a swallowtail, Britain’s largest native butterfly, as it jinked over a waterway on the Norfolk Broads. Ad un tratto, an emperor...

Butterfly numbers plummeting in US west as climate crisis takes toll

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The varied, and beautiful, butterfly species that dot the US west are being cut down by the climate crisis, new research has found, with rising temperatures helping cause a steep decline in butterfly numbers over the ...