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Have a passion project you want to turn into a business? Five tips to get you off to a flying start

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1 Choose your hustle wiselyOver the past couple of years, lots of us have thrown ourselves into new hobbies – painting, baking and pottering our way through the pandemic – and many of these passion projects have been ...

Business class travel helps post-pandemic airline sales take off

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It was proclaimed moribund, if not doomed, just a year ago. Maar nou, is business class air travel taking off again? British Airways’ owner IAG, forecasting a return to profit this year, said that a strong recovery in ...

The Guardian view on the West End: a perilous business

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Cinderella will not, na alles, be going to the ball. The big new Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, with its book by Emerald Fennell, has been cancelled, less than a year into its run. The cast and crew were told the news ...

Olivia Wilde was served papers onstage. It’s no shock to those in the business

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The actor Olivia Wilde was discussing a forthcoming film on stage this week when she received a mysterious envelope, passed across the stage by someone in the front row. The contents, according to various reports, wer...

Business backs government climate policy that Morrison says is a ‘carbon tax’ when attacking Labor

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The Business Council of Australia insists the so-called safeguard mechanism is “the right incentive” to put Australia successfully on the path to net zero emissions, after Scott Morrison sought to weaponise climate ac...

Minder as 10% of NSW small business flood grant applications have been paid

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Thousands of applications for grants to support communities devastated by floods in the New South Wales northern rivers and western Sydney have not been processed, while thousands of others have been rejected. The sta...

From Marylebone to Caribbean: wealth of Abramovich’s business partners revealed

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The lavish wealth of Roman Abramovich’s business partners can be revealed today, including offshore investments in a Caribbean island resort, plans to redevelop a Marylebone church and a vast array of property in the ...

US small business owners are great! … except for the thousands who aren’t

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We all know that our small business owners are the lifeblood of the US economy. There are approximately 30 million of us and we provide more than half of the jobs in this country. Everyone seems to love us. Politician...

Oil prices dip; German consumer confidence worsens on war concerns – business live

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Oil prices extend losses as traders worry about demand drop from China and ahead of peace talks between Ukraine and Russia

NatWest bank returns to majority private control, oil prices fall on Shanghai lockdown – business live

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Moscow stock exchange to resume normal trading for a half day

UK firms hike prices at record pace and retail sales slide as inflation bites – business live

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Lopende dekking van die jongste ekonomiese en finansiële nuus

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