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The Greatest Adventure by Colin Burgess review – a history of human space exploration

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At the end of July the second richest man in the world, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, plans to blast himself into space, a project that has prompted a satirical global petition asking him to stay there. If the history of human...

The Observer/Anthony Burgess prize for arts journalism 2022

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The annual Observer/Anthony Burgess prize is now open for entries. Launched in 2012, the award, in honour of Burgess’s long association with the Observer as a literary critic, is the UK’s leading award for arts critic...

Poem of the week: To Vladimir Nabokov … by Anthony Burgess

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To Vladimir Nabokov on His 70th Birthday That nymphet’s beauty lay less on her bonesThan in her name’s proclaimed two allophones,A boned veracity slow to be foundIn all the chanting of recorded sound.Extrude an orange...

Winner: Observer/Anthony Burgess prize for arts journalism 2021 – Harry Strawson on Mati Diop’s In My Room

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This year’s winner enjoys Diop’s compelling lockdown film for Miu Miu, filmed entirely from her 24th-floor Paris apartment• Read the rest of this year’s shortlisted entries in the Observer/Anthony Burgess prizeIt can ...