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Equations built giants like Google. Who’ll find the next billion-dollar bit of maths?

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En 1998, a computer science PhD student called Larry Page submitted a patent for internet search based on an obscure piece of mathematics. The method, known today as PageRank, allowed the most relevant webpages to be ...

‘I feel I’ve made a mark’: the man who built homes for 60,000 swifts

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Retired salesman John Stimpson is 80 hoy dia. He will be celebrating with a cake at Slimming World this evening, followed by dinner with his family on Friday. Stimpson has one achievement in particular to mark: he has j...

‘Blacktown is a better place now’: how a former refugee and coach built pride in his community

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Boys are running in rows of three down the court. Legs, shouts, the smack of bouncing balls. As one boy passes to another, the third fans out to take the next pass, then he leaps and dunks. Some boys are already in fl...

Age no barrier to activism: how UK’s young and old built bonds in Covid

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Unexpected friendships spanning four – and sometimes five – generations have sprung up between volunteers engaged in “crisis campaigning” during the pandemic. Experts said the unusual bonding between those in their 60...

To avert climate disaster, we need resilient societies built on love, not just technology

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When things look especially bleak for humankind, it’s worth reminding ourselves who we are – what makes us such a special species. Beyond our machines and our buildings, beyond our fiery conquests, beyond all of it, w ...

Los hombres que construyeron el sueño de la Copa del Mundo de Qatar merecen parte del paquete salarial de David Beckham

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Dudo que Nirmala Pakrin sepa quién es David Beckham, pero ella sabe de qatar. Su marido, Rupchandra Rumba, un joven de 24 años de Nepal, murio en 2019, jadeando en un campamento miserable para trabajadores en las afueras ...

Miles de viviendas asequibles en el Reino Unido "no se construirán debido a una crisis de seguridad"

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Los planes para miles de viviendas asequibles se enfrentan a ser descartados a medida que miles de millones de libras se desvían para solucionar la crisis de seguridad de los edificios., los constructores han dicho. Grupo de vivienda Clarion, el mayor proveedor de servicios asequibles del Reino Unido..

Construido sobre cuerpos de esclavos: cómo África fue borrada de la historia del mundo moderno

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Sería inusual que una historia que comienza en el lugar equivocado llegue a las conclusiones correctas.. Y así es con la historia de cómo se hizo el mundo moderno.. Los relatos tradicionales han otorgado primacía a Europa..

The Turning Point review – how Charles Dickens built Bleak House

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The problem with most biographies is that they tend to have only two pace settings. There is the plod of the episodic, one-thing-after-another accounting; parallel to that is the gallop that makes years vanish in page...

In your face: how Chuck Close built images and tore them apart

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Hugely enlarged, Chuck Close stares back at you from behind his glasses, a cigarette lodged in the corner of his mouth. It is a face with a what-you-looking-at stare, and you look back, dwarfed by his image, pensando ...

England built around Bellingham can right the wrongs at 2022 Copa Mundial

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England slipped from their horse at the last but, once they have cleared the grit from their eyes and stopped seeing stars, they may yet find it has waited for them. While the wounds of defeat in Wembley’s biggest gam...

Harry Kane left looking out of place as system built around him fails to click

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Perhaps it really was the end times. Perhaps it really was the nadir. Perhaps it really was the worst England performance we had seen in a generation. Certainly it will feel that way to Gareth Southgate and his team a...

If the UK built 1 million homes, what would happen to house prices?

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If the UK built, decir, 1 million homes, what would happen to house prices? Gerald Jimes, south-east London Post your answers (y nuevas preguntas) below or send them to A selection will be published o...

The New York highway that racism built: ‘It does nothing but pollute’

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Just south of downtown Syracuse in upstate New York, a stretch of highway has long divided surrounding neighborhoods. On the east side are large buildings where university students live, well-maintained green spaces, ...

Victoria says Coalition guilty of undermining principles on which NDIS was built

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The Victorian government has accused the commonwealth of launching a scare campaign about the financial sustainability of the national disability insurance scheme in order to “sell” its “flawed independent assessments...

Easter promise: the patisserie built on a friendship that bridges Istanbul’s divides

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Fehmi Yıldıran remembers how, growing up in the Anatolian town of Bolu, every spring he and the other children used to boil eggs and dye them red using onion skins. He didn’t find out what the tradition was about unti...

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