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Developers challenged over carbon footprint of new buildings in UK

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There is a new front in Britain’s planning wars. Rows over obstructed views and architectural style are being elbowed aside by concerns about the carbon footprint of new buildings. Questa settimana, marchi & Spencer becam...

Buildings this good should be available everywhere: Oxford unveils two new quads

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Just after you enter the Cohen Quad, a building designed by Alison Brooks Architects for Exeter College, Oxford, a perspective of wooden arches recedes before you. They are planar and skinny, like a succession of stag...

Imperial College London urged to remove statue and rename buildings

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An investigation into Imperial College London’s historical links to the British empire has recommended the university remove a statue and rename buildings and lecture theatres that celebrate scientists whose work advo...

‘Beautiful buildings wherever you look’: Germany’s best towns and villages, by readers

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We arrived in Görlitz, Germany’s most easterly town, to find it packed with peasants swilling beer from pewter mugs and devouring sausages to a background of drums and pipes. It was the annual medieval festival, and t...

Lightning flashes over La Palma volcano as lava engulfs buildings – video

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The red-hot eruption from the volcano on the Spanish island of La Palma was accompanied by flashes of lightning early on Saturday. A study published in 2016 by the journal Geophysical Research Letters found lightning ...

Victoria earthquake live updates: Melbourne buildings damaged as residents told to expect more aftershocks

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Earthquake near Mansfield shakes buildings across Melbourne, with some reports of damage. Segui gli aggiornamenti in diretta

China’s ugliest buildings: contest to celebrate unsightly architecture begins

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An infamous “hall of shame” listing of China’s top 10 “ugliest” buildings has kicked off with 87 bizarre designs in the running, including a violin-shaped church and an Inner Mongolia hotel in the form of a monstrous ...

The Guardian view on buildings – out with the new! For the planet’s sake

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A new and highly swanky hotel lands in Edinburgh, a mass of shimmering bronze-coloured coils, and all anyone can think to say is: doesn’t that look like a giant poo emoji? Londoners are confronted with plans for a gia...

Teachers and parents: what’s the condition of your school buildings?

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A recent audit of the condition of schools buildings in England found that the repair bill had risen to more than £11bn, which represented a significant increase on an estimate from 2017. We want to find out more abou...

Miami calls for inspections of older buildings over six stories after collapse

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Officials in Miami are calling for inspections of all older buildings over six stories within 45 days after the shocking collapse of the Champlain Towers South apartment building that it is now feared to have killed p...

Israel-Gaza violence: flattened buildings, rockets and communal unrest – video

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Israeli jets and Palestinian militants have traded airstrikes and rocket fire as the UN’s Middle East envoy warned of an escalation towards a full-scale war. High-rise buildings containing flats and offices in Gaza Ci...

Tall buildings, wrestling monarchs and window ledges: take the new weekly quiz

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Fifteen questions on general knowledge and topical news trivia every Thursday lunchtime – how will you fare?It is Thursday lunchtime, and so it must be time for the second edition of our exciting new weekly quiz. You’...

Swindon leisure centre that inspired Oasis on at-risk buildings list

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A space age-like leisure centre which inspired Liam Gallagher to name his band Oasis, instead of The Rain, has been placed on a top 10 list of 20th century British buildings most at risk. Oasis leisure centre in Swind...

Students evacuate Cape Town university as fire damages historic buildings

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A wildfire raging on the slopes of Cape Town’s Table Mountain spread to the University of Cape Town, burning the historic campus library and forcing the evacuation of students. Orange flames lit up the windows of the ...

Pechino codifica gli edifici con i colori per mostrare i tassi di vaccinazione Covid dei lavoratori

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Le autorità di Pechino identificano gli edifici con codici colore per mostrare al pubblico i tassi di vaccinazione tra i dipendenti delle imprese, come parte di una campagna per vaccinare più di 560 milioni di persone entro giugno. Nelle ultime settimane, verde ...

Government buildings to fly union jack every day under new rules

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The union jack should be flown from all UK government buildings every day and councils will be urged to do the same from their premises, ministers have announced, in another apparent escalation in the ongoing flag-bas...

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