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Why the collapse of Biden’s Build Back Better would be a major blow to the climate fight

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The collapse of Joe Biden’s Build Back Better legislation would have disastrous consequences for the global climate crisis, making it almost impossible for the US to comply with its greenhouse gas reduction pledges ma...

Joe Manchin tells Fox News he’s a ‘no’ on Build Back Better in huge blow for Biden

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The West Virginia senator Joe Manchin dealt a huge blow to Joe Biden on Sunday, saying he was a “no” on the $1.75tn Build Back Better domestic spending plan. Biden and Democrats said this week they would delay the bi...

House Democrats pass Biden’s expansive Build Back Better policy plan

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House Democrats on Friday morning passed the Build Back Better Act, the expansive domestic policy package that promises to overhaul large swaths of the American economy. The House speaker, Nancy Pelosi, triumphantly ...

Die wetsontwerp op Build Back Better van Joe Biden handel oor vryheid. Hoekom sê hy nie so nie?

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Politiek is nie net praatjies nie, maar geen groot politieke projek kan klaarkom sonder dat iemand oortuigende taal bewerkstellig nie. Demokrate het 'n buitengewone slegte taak verrig om die saak aan te spreek vir wat nog net bekend staan ​​as 'die $ 3,5 ton'..

‘I feel more secure’: how a holistic approach helps India’s beggars build a better life

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Pandit Tulsidas, 52, was resting under a tree by a road junction in Jaipur, Rajasthan, where he had begged for years. When an official approached him about a government scheme that would teach him job skills, he rejec...

Boris Johnson’s latest ‘build back betterpledge won’t get Britain back to work

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Nothing is what it seems: no sooner than it is announced than now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t money is whisked away. From today, the offer seems to be a chance for 11 million adults to gain new qualifications at no cost ...