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Rishi Sunak weighs up moving budget to 2022 on back of Covid crisis

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Rishi Sunak is considering pushing the budget into next year so the Treasury can weigh up the economic impact of ending the furlough scheme and the third wave of the pandemic over the coming months. The chancellor is ...

Anker Soundcore Life Q35 review: budget headphones with good noise-cancelling

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The latest Bluetooth headphones from Anker offer very long battery life and surprisingly effective noise-cancelling on a budget. The Soundcore Life Q35 cost £129.99 and replace the Life Q30 as the brand’s top headphon...

Anthony Albanese’s budget reply to focus on entrepreneurs, renewable energy and women

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Anthony Albanese will use his reply to the Morrison government’s budget to unveil a new policy to help 2,000 young entrepreneurs cover some of the costs of participation in accredited “accelerator” programs in univers...

Frasers Group warns of store closures after ‘near worthlessbudget support

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Frasers Group, the retailer controlled by the Sports Direct founder, Mike Ashley, has said it will be forced to close stores and cut jobs after a “near worthless” support package on business rates in the budget. Die g...

MLS finds Inter Miami broke budget rules with Blaise Matuidi signing

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David Beckham’s Inter Miami were found by Major League Soccer to have violated league budget rules with its signing of France midfielder Blaise Matuidi. MLS said in a Friday statement that final results of the investi...

‘Families are struggling’: Britons react to Rishi Sunak’s 2021 begroting

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The coronavirus crisis has hit household finances after Covid restrictions froze key parts of the British economy. Wednesday’s budget included measures designed to help first-time buyers and the self-employed, and new...

Budget calculator 2021: what does it mean for me?

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Die kanselier, Rishi Sunak, has delivered his 2021 budget after a year of economic turmoil caused by Covid-19. Stressing the “profound damage” done to the UK economy by the pandemic, Sunak outlined taxes on companie...

The Observer view on Rishi Sunak’s ‘generous’ budget

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The word “generous” was liberally peppered through the chancellor’s budget speech last Wednesday. Rishi Sunak has gone out of his way to portray himself as the nation’s benefactor, ensuring that hard-pressed individua...

Foreign Office cut human rights budget from £52m to £28m last year

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The Foreign Office has halved its funding for human rights work and the promotion of democracy despite branding the UK as “a force for good in the world”, according to figures published by the department. The statisti...

Begroting 2021 updates: billions for aged care and mental health as treasurer prepares to deliver federal budget – Australian politics live

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Ailing sectors targeted, as federal parliament returns in Canberra with question time and Josh Frydenberg preparing to release Australia’s 2021 begroting. Follow all the latest news as it happens • Aged care, women and i...

Budget purdah has been replaced with news management and spin

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There was a time when budgets were kept secret until the moment the chancellor of the Exchequer stood up in the Commons to reveal the contents of his red box. For weeks leading up to the big day, the Treasury would go...

‘It’s a slap in the face’: LA activists protest mayor’s police budget increase

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Los Angeles activists denounced a budget proposal by the mayor that includes increases to the law enforcement budget, one day after the conviction of Derek Chauvin in Minneapolis has fueled renewed scrutiny of police ...

Markets rise ahead of UK budget despite China services slowdown – business live

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Lopende dekking van die jongste ekonomiese en finansiële nuus

Amazon Echo Dot (4th gen) resensie: Alexa’s new small budget ball

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Amazon’s fourth-generation Echo Dot has evolved from its predecessors’ puck-like appearance into a small ball, shaking up the idea of what a small smart speaker can look like. The new Echo Dot is priced the same as th...

Coalition MPs renew call for Scott Morrison to boost auditor general’s budget

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Scott Morrison has again been urged by members of his own government to give a budget boost to the auditor general, despite the prime minister brushing off a similar request last year. The joint committee of public ac...

MPs demand that Rishi Sunak’s budget plugs gaps in Covid support

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Rishi Sunak must plug the holes which have seen millions fall through the Covid support safety net, an open letter from 79 MPs and other senior politicians such as Andy Burnham and Sadiq Khan has demanded before the b...

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