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Restaurant offers budget version of Salt Bae’s gold-covered steak

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If you have more money than sense, spending £850 on a gold-covered steak at a Knightsbridge restaurant is a perfectly reasonable thing to do. If you have more sense than money, then head to Durham or Sunderland. The b...

The US should cut the Pentagon budget to fund social

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After months of negotiations, Congress is struggling to come up with a plan to fund the Build Back Better Act. Rather than forcing more cuts that would further limit the bill’s transformative potential, throughout the...

Rishi Sunak faces Tory backlash over ‘big state, high tax’ budget

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Rishi Sunak is facing a budget backlash from traditional Tories, with five former cabinet ministers warning the scale of spending and taxes would stifle growth. The chancellor received a lukewarm reception from a stri...

Autumn budget 2021: where the money comes from and what it is spent on

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Analysis: Sunak’s latest budget details more than £1tn in spending, but rather less in revenue. Here’s a break down of taxes raised and spending by department

Rishi Sunak se begroting 'hamer' werkende mense terwyl dit banke 'n belastingverlaging gee, sê Arbeid - Britse politiek lewendig

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Nuutste opdaterings: skadu-kanselier Rachel Reeves sê die verslag van die Resolution Foundation toon dit is 'n 'buite aanraking', hoë belasting, lae-groei begroting'

Rishi Sunak se begroting 'sal lei tot plat herstel'; Shell-winste daal – besigheid lewendig

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Rolende dekking van die wêreldekonomie, die finansiële markte, die eurosone en besigheid.

Begroting 2021: wie wen en wie verloor?

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2021-22 Hul universele kredietbetalings was £412 per maand werd tussen April en September – verminder tot £325 per maand vir die res van die jaar nadat die £20 per week “opheffing” in Oktober onttrek is. Behuisingsbetalings ...

Begroting 2021: chancellor limits spending to start building election war chest

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Rishi Sunak intends to cut taxes before the next general election, after limiting his budget help to deal with a winter cost of living crisis in order to start building up a war chest for the coming years. The chancel...

Portugal faces snap election as parliament rejects draft budget

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Portugal’s parliament has rejected the minority Socialist government’s proposed state budget for 2022, a move expected to trigger an early election and put a brake on the country’s post-pandemic recovery plans. Na ...

Wing and a prayer budget exposes Brand Rishi – and the myth of Merrie England

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Not so much a budget speech, more a hostage video. This wasn’t quite the hour of glory Brand Rishi had imagined for himself when he’d begun writing his third budget. Ja, he’d gone through the motions of having his te...

Budget allocates £2m to plan Beatles-inspired attraction in Liverpool

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A new Beatles-inspired mega attraction on Liverpool’s waterfront, secretly in its planning stages since 2017, is to get a government cash injection of £2m. The money was announced in a budget which included a blizzard...

Begroting 2021: Sunak softens universal credit cuts to tackle squeeze on families

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Rishi Sunak has bowed to intense pressure by partly reversing universal credit cuts as he announced measures in the budget to deal with a squeeze on households this winter, with lower alcohol and fuel duties. In a bud...

Sunak announces alcohol duty ‘radical simplification’ in autumn budget – video

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Taxes on drinks including beer, wine and cider will be slashed in a move announced by Rishi Sunak during the budget on Wednesday.The chancellor said the UK’s system of alcohol duty, whose roots date back to 1643, was ...

Don’t give up the day job: groans all round for Sunak’s budget jokes

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He may be the Tories’ most polished politician. And he may even be a future prime minister. But there is one area where Rishi Sunak definitely falls flat: delivering jokes. In his 64-minute budget speech on Wednesday,...

Keir Starmer mis PMQ's en begroting ná positiewe Covid-toets

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Keir Starmer het positief getoets vir Covid, het die Arbeidersparty bevestig, wat beteken dat hy nie aan premier se vrae kon deelneem nie en nie op die begroting sal kan reageer nie. Hy moes voorheen isoleer...

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