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It’s a glorious feeling when you and your singles bubble buddy just hang doing nothing

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When the singles bubble was announced, I found myself awash with what people much cooler than me call “the feels”. Relief. Excitement. Terror. I’ll be able to have a hug! I’ll be able to sit on a couch with someone an...

Buddy McGirt: ‘A lot of Derek Chisora’s fights have been real wars but I can look after him’

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When the lights dim at the Manchester Arena on Saturday, and Derek Chisora and Joseph Parker wait in their corners for the first bell, it will be tempting to pay more attention to their trainers as they offer up the f...

The Last Shift – Richard Jenkins lifts up mismatched buddy film

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In writer-director Andrew Cohn’s deceptively modest drama The Last Shift, fast-food worker Stanley (Richard Jenkins) is finally calling it quits. He has worked the graveyard shift at Oscar’s Chicken and Fish for 38 jy...