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Netflix’s Bubba Wallace docuseries ends up losing the race

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Early into the premiere episode of Race, the six-part Netflix docuseries on Bubba Wallace, the thesis statement comes roaring in as loud as a stock car at wide-open throttle. “I think a lot of the world needs to under...

Johnson is as corrupt as Clinton – but at least Bubba bothered to brush his hair

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What’s a worse sign of weakness – going on TV to terrify the nation to distract from your illicit cheese and wine parties, or bombing an aspirin factory to distract from a grand jury investigation into your illicit bl...

Bubba Wallace’s historic Talladega win is the payoff of self-made luck

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To win in Nascar, it takes the right mix of skill and luck. At Talladega, it helps to have more of the latter. Like Daytona, Talladega is what’s known as a superspeedway – the sport’s biggest oval circuit, a banked, 2...

Bubba Wallace becomes first Black driver to win Nascar Cup race since 1963

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Bubba Wallace became just the second Black driver to win at Nascar’s top Cup Series level when rain stopped Monday’s playoff race at Talladega Superspeedway. Wallace had driven through a crash and to the front of the ...

Bubba Watson and Hideki Matsuyama out of Open with Covid problems

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The Open Championship has suffered high-profile withdrawals after Hideki Matsuyama, the Masters champion, joined Bubba Watson in confirming he will not play at Royal St George’s. Both have problems arising from corona...