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Bruised Boris Johnson comes out boosting after TV humiliation

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Boris Johnson’s habitual boosterism was back on display on Wednesday after a humiliating TV interview a day earlier raised questions about his state of mind. By scheduling a House of Commons statement on lifting Covid...

Bruised review – Halle Berry delivers one bloody cliche after another

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Wat as, rather than defeating an opponent in the ring, a fighter was in fact doing battle with their personal demons? What if sporting triumph could be viewed as a metaphor? Wel, quite. The directorial debut from Ha...

Gekneusde resensie - Halle Berry se MMA-vegter hou haar oog op die prys

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Halle Berry leaves it pretty late to turn on the energy for her directing debut – until the final round, in werklikheid. But this fight movie, in which Berry herself plays a burned-out MMA fighter struggling to make a comeba...

Bruised Biden tries to turn the page after US debacle in Afghanistan

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Once again Joe Biden found himself talking about nation-building, the fragility of democracy and the threat that religious extremists pose to women’s rights. But the president’s interventions on Thursday were focused ...

Ghislaine Maxwell: lawyers release photo showing bruised face

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Lawyers for Ghislaine Maxwell have released a photograph of the British socialite, who is in a US prison facing sex trafficking charges, showing her with a bruised face. Maxwell, 59, who is accused of procuring undera...