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Baking for teens: easy starter recipes, from homemade Tim Tams to speedy brownies

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Since I was a kid, the kitchen’s always had an allure, and baking and cooking has played a massive part in my life. Excuse the bad pun but, for some reason, cooking lights an intense flame within me. It’s the creativi...

Can’t stop the beet! 10 tantalising beetroot recipes – from hearty borscht to tempting brownies

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The beetroot has a long and storied history. Assyrian texts from 800BC describe beetroots growing in the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. The ancient Romans considered them an aphrodisiac and used them to treat everything ...

Rukmini Iyer’s recipe for chocolate, raspberry and ricotta brownies

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I realised some time ago that chocolate brownies taste far better made with ground almonds than with flour, as they provide you with that wonderful fudgy texture, so these ones are gluten-free. The ricotta lends mouss...