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BT took an age to install our community centre’s superfast broadband

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Back in March I placed an order with BT for “superfast enhanced” broadband for the community centre which I help run as a volunteer in Hastings. It is now almost six months on and we are no nearer to having a working ...

New UK broadband rules will make it easier to switch supplier

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The UK media regulator, Ofcom, has introduced a new service to make it easier for customers to switch broadband supplier to get a better deal. Ofcom hopes that the new process, One Touch Switch, will encourage people ...

UK jobseekers are offered six months of free broadband

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People looking for work can now apply for six months of free broadband to help them search for jobs. A national programme has been launched by the telecoms company TalkTalk and the Department for Work and Pensions tha...

Lifeline for rural areas facing crippling broadband connection bills

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When Richard Bunning needs to file reports on his cattle online, or do any of the other various bureaucratic tasks for his Devon farm, he uploads the information on to a hard drive and drives to the nearest town. From...

BT cuts broadband bills in half for struggling households

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BT has launched a £15 a month, broadband and phone “social tariff” aimed squarely at those on benefits or low incomes and allowing qualifying customers to halve their internet bills. About 4.6m households on universal...

Fast, reliable broadband … it’s now a key selling point for house hunters

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It used to be that demand for homes centred on the proximity to good schools, or how close they were to a nice restaurant or pub. Ahora, before they sign on the dotted line, homebuyers want to ensure they can download a...

TalkTalk customers hit out at ‘outrageous’ broadband price rise

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TalkTalk has been accused of taking its customers for April fools after it said it would be raising bills for those who signed up to a fixed-price broadband contract. Customers are furious at what they say is the comp...

BT’s ‘fair betdeal for fast-fibre broadband looks like a winner

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The duo at the top of BT, chief executive Philip Jansen and chairman Jan du Plessis, should be able to put aside their quarrels and agree on this point: the company has secured decent terms from Ofcom for the rollout ...