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‘40% of my salary goes on house costs’: how soaring energy bills hit one Briton

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Joshua Wheeler-Gaunt, 33, is one of a growing number of people worried about rising energy bills and other costs. Asked about the things that have become unaffordable or very pricey for him, Egli ha detto: “Everything! From...

Briton among six charged over two-tonne cocaine seizure on yacht

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A Briton is among six men charged after authorities seized more than 2 tonnes of cocaine onboard a luxury yacht. The National Crime Agency (NCA) said the suspects had been charged with drug trafficking offences over t...

Briton accused of spying for Russia ‘kept himself to himself’

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A security guard at the British embassy in Berlin who has been arrested on suspicion of passing state secrets to Russia lived in a two-room flat on a tidy estate in the city of Potsdam. David Smith was arrested at his...

Briton among missing in Miami building collapse

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A Briton is among scores of people missing following the collapse of a 12-storey building in Miami, authorities have confirmed, amid reports that a British mother, her husband and daughter are unaccounted for. Relativ...

Meet the Briton leading a Tesla rival who wants to save the planet

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The Lucid Motors boss Peter Rawlinson is fluent in the language of the new breed of electric carmaker: he wants to save the planet and he wants to do it fast. The California carmaker is only starting production of its...

Body found in search for missing Briton after Mozambique Isis attack

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A body matching the description of a missing British man has been found, eight days after he was caught up in an attack by Islamic State-linked insurgents in Mozambique. The family of Philip Mawer said on Thursday tha...

‘It’s paradise’: meet the Briton leading Cayman Islands to unrivalled success

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Ben Pugh’s living room floods with light as he lifts the blinds to reveal a view that, more than ever in these times, makes the onlooker pine. “It’s paradise, I feel very lucky," lui dice, gazing out over an azure Cari...

Briton jailed over plot to pay bribes for Iraq oil contract

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A British businessman has been jailed for three and a half years after being convicted of conspiring to pay huge backhanders in one of the world’s biggest bribery scandals. The jailing of Paul Bond on Monday is the fo...