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British gangs and international rivals join forces to increase cocaine sales

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British organised crime groups are collaborating closely with former international rivals like the Italian mafia to import increasingly bigger cocaine shipments into Europe, a senior investigator has revealed. Lawren...

Art of neon: light flickers on old British craft, but new show aims to keep it alive

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Across two galleries in Wakefield sit more than half a dozen tubes of light at least two metres tall, revolving on the spot and creating ethereal shapes in the air. These sculptures, created by the pioneering American...

The week in audio: This Union; Neil Oliver’s Love Letter to the British Isles; Electric Ride UK and more

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This Union: A Sea Between Us (BBC Radio 4) | BBC SoundsThis Union: The Ghost Kingdoms of England (BBC Radio 4) | BBC SoundsThis Union: Two Kingdoms (BBC Radio 4) | BBC Radio 4Neil Oliver’s Love Letter to the British I...

British retail sales fall unexpectedly in August – business live

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Lopende dekking van die jongste ekonomiese en finansiële nuus

Drill rap dominates 2021 Rated awards for Black British music

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The vitality and pop cultural dominance of drill rap has been celebrated at the 2021 Rated awards, which acknowledge the best in Black British music. Central Cee, the London drill rapper whose track Commitment Issues ...

British Council cuts harm UK’s reputation

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The British Council is most certainly not “the British government’s cultural arm” as suggested by your article (British Council to close 20 offices across globe after cuts and lost income, 9 September). It is a public...

Sparkling days out: readers’ favourite British vineyards to visit

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Hugged by purple fields of lavender, the picture-postcard village of Shoreham in Kent is home to The Mount, where you can sample eight varieties of wine from 13,000 vines including pinot noir, rondo, regent, regent, b...

Nadifa Mohamed is sole British writer to make Booker prize shortlist

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Just one British author has made the shortlist for this year’s Booker prize: Nadifa Mohamed, who was chosen for her third novel The Fortune Men, a reimagining of the true story of a Somali seaman who was wrongfully co...

British As Folk: three comedians in a campervan have fun with history

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Hard to like a TV show with a terrible name, is dit nie? Let’s run over it again: British As Folk (Monday, 10pm, Dave). So it’s supposed to sound like swearing, right? Which I guess is quite punk – but it’s not a real p...

‘British blues will survive the apocalypse!’: how the underground scene kept its groove

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The blues were born in the American south at the dawn of the 20th century as African Americans gave voice to their hardships – segregation, lynching and entrenched poverty being constants – as well as their joys. This...

British Council to close 20 offices across globe after cuts and lost income

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The British Council, the British government’s cultural arm and a key instrument of British soft power, is to close 20 offices across the globe as part of a restructuring programme made necessary by cuts to the aid bud...

Emma Raducanu’s US Open heroics inspire young British players

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To most of the UK, Emma Raducanu is an emerging young tennis star. But to one 14-year-old prodigious talent, she has been an inspiration for years. Lois Newberry, an elite player in her age group who trains at the sou...

British dragonfly numbers soar as warming climate attracts new species

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Six new species of dragonfly have colonised Britain in the last 25 years as dragonflies and damselflies boom in a warming climate. Meer as 40% of resident and regular migrant dragonflies and damselflies have increas...

British veterans of Afghanistan war will feel vulnerable, says minister

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British veterans of the conflict in Afghanistan will be feeling vulnerable and questioning whether their service was worth it as they witness the country fall to the Taliban once again, a UK government minister has sa...

Ben Jennings on the British honours system — cartoon

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California in Norfolk: British destinations that sound like foreign holidays

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This charming Georgian market town owes its name to the Victorian prime minister William Lamb (2nd Viscount Melbourne) rather than its Australian equivalent, and is something of an under-the-radar gem. The streets are...

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