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Abuse, threats, aggression: the fear that stalks MPs on Britain’s streets

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The constituent who “sidled up” to an MP to describe his make of car and where he had been driving it over the weekend… Another who warned an MP that they knew which school her children attended… An MP forced to act a...

Slaughter in Indonesia: Britain’s secret propaganda war

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In early 1965 Ed Wynne, an official from the Foreign Office in London in his late 40s, arrived at the door of a two-storey villa set in the discreet calm of a genteel housing estate in colonial Singapore. But Wynne w...

Scottish community awarded £500,000 to buy Britain’s remotest pub

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Mainland Britain’s remotest pub is set to be placed in the hands of its local community after tensions emerged with its Belgian owner. Residents of the Knoydart peninsula on Scotland’s west coast have been awarded a g...

Britain’s homes could be worth £9.2tn on open market, report shows

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Britain’s homes could be worth as much as £9.2tn on the open market – four times the value of the UK economy, and £550bn more than this time last year, dit is beweer. House prices have soared since the restricti...

Isoleer Brittanje se optrede is 'n padblokkade om te verander

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Aktiviste van Isolate Britain het 'n probleem op die been gebring (Redaksioneel, 5 Oktober). Maar net soos supergom nie 'n positiewe keuse is in terme van die biologiese afbreekbaarheid daarvan nie, hul aanhangsel by die taktiek met 'vas in verkeer' is 'n ...

Britain’s energy crisis is spiralling – but all we get is a spat between ministers

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The clock is ticking, and the threat to livelihoods could not be clearer. Yet despite warnings from major manufacturing industries that they’re days away from having to shut down factories due to the spiralling cost o...

Nearly half of Britain’s biodiversity has gone since industrial revolution

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Almost half of Britain’s natural biodiversity has disappeared over the centuries, with farming and urban spread triggered by the industrial and agricultural revolutions being blamed as major factors for this loss. Tha...

From Britain’s farmyards to its shop shelves, confidence is in short supply

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Norfolk is the heart of pig country. “Every other farm round here has pigs,” says Tom Wright, looking at his empty sheds. Next week 2,000 piglets will arrive, weighing 8kg each. In five months, they’ll be 110kg and re...

Ridley Road: how Britain’s untold Nazi horrors inspired my TV thriller

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A funny thing, nostalgia. It comes from the Greek “nostos”, for homecoming, and “algos”, for pain or longing. Many of us have it for the 60s, even if we weren’t close to being born. We feel we missed out on the all th...

Britain’s leaky homes make the energy crisis worse. Why have governments not fixed them?

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Over the past few days the country has been thrown into panic, as soaring gas prices threaten to plunge hundreds of thousands more households into fuel poverty, joining the 2.5 million already there. For others, uncom...

Britain’s Covid-era university students may suffer ‘impostor syndrome’

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New students are more likely to suffer “impostor syndrome” because they have won their place at university on the back of teacher-assessed A-level grades and not exams, a new study has warned. Undergraduates arriving ...

Britain’s hopes of early post-Brexit trade deal with US appear dashed

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Britain’s hopes of a post-Brexit trade deal with the US have all but evaporated barring a dramatic change of heart from Joe Biden, it emerged on Tuesday as Boris Johnson held face-to-face talks in the White House. Joh...

Die energiekrisis van Brittanje is al jare in die vooruitsig, dankie aan die konserwatiewes

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Verhittingskoste weens dramatiese gasprysstygings is net die jongste hoofstuk in die stygende lewenskoste in Brittanje. Van verhogings in voedselpryse tot stygende vervoerkoste, hierdie nuwe inflasiekamp word getref..

Tuesday briefing: Britain’s winter power struggle

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Oggend almal. I’m Martin Farrer and these are the top stories today. Britain faces a winter of discontent thanks to rising household costs, Geen 10 is gewaarsku, as firms said the energy price shock could trigge...

Britain’s public sector is paying the price for the government’s consultancy habit

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When he was leader of the opposition, David Cameron did not mince his criticism of the Labour government’s dependency on consultancy companies. Speaking in 2008, he lambasted how, “for the last decade or so, in the na...

Global Britain’s cheerleaders may have to live with lasting damage to exports

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It came as a little surprise to anyone in the UK’s logistics industry or at its ports when the government announced its decision to delay – for the second time in a little over six months – the introduction of post-Br...

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