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Die bestuurder van die voedselaflewering in Brisbane Easi beweer dat hy afgedank is omdat hy kommer uitgespreek het oor betaling en veiligheid

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'N Bestuurder vir voedselaflewering wat na bewering deur die Chinese voedselafleweringsmaatskappy Easi ontslaan is nadat hy kommer wou uitspreek oor die betaling en veiligheid van werknemers, het sy saak deur die vervoerwer by die Fair Work Commission ingedien..

Olimpiese Spele: Australia to host again after Brisbane confirmed for 2032 Games

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The Olympics will return to Australia for a third time with Brisbane formally awarded hosting rights for the 2032 Games after a vote of International Olympic Committee member nations in Tokyo. Wednesday’s decision was...

Australia to host Olympics again after Brisbane confirmed for 2032 Games

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The Olympics will return to Australia for a third time after Brisbane was formally awarded hosting rights for the 2032 Games following a vote of International Olympic Committee member nations in Tokyo. With the Austra...

Confident Brisbane eagerly awaits its time to shine as host of the 2032 Olimpiese Spele

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The last time Brisbane bid to host the Olympic Games, many locals still referred to the place as “a big country town”. The Queensland capital’s opponents to host the 1992 games argued the city was too small and unknow...

‘Lightbulb moment’: the battery technology invented in a Brisbane garage that is going global

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As some of the world’s largest companies invest billions to advance battery technology, Dominic Spooner has been working at solving the next problem: the impact of unwieldy – and environmentally unfriendly – battery c...

Queensland Covid update: premier Annastacia Palaszczuk lifts Brisbane lockdown despite five new cases

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Brisbane’s lockdown ended at 6pm on Saturday despite the state recording five new Covid-19 cases, including one not linked to an existing outbreak. Queensland’s premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk, told reporters on Saturd...

Oggendpos: G7 talks to begin, Melbourne lockdown lifts, Brisbane Olympic bid

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Good morning – especially to Melbourne readers ready to venture out after the city’s two-week lockdown. Making headlines this morning: world leaders are arriving in Cornwall ahead of the G7 Summit which starts on Frid...

Brisbane close to hosting 2032 Olympics after approval of ‘irresistible’ bid

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Brisbane is close to being formally confirmed as the host of the 2032 Olympics and Paralympics next month after its “irresistible” bid was unanimously approved by the International Olympic Committee’s executive. The d...

Pilot was asleep as plane flew over Brisbane and Gold Coast, verslag vind

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A pilot fell asleep and was uncontactable for 40 minutes as his plane flew over Brisbane and the Gold coast, an investigation has found. The Air Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) said air traffic controllers lost contact...

Brisbane se vader van twee eis twee miljoen dollar skadevergoeding nadat hy deur die regter tydens die verhoor van familiereg tronk toe gestuur is

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'N Pa van twee eis skadevergoeding van $ 2 miljoen in 'n seldsame siviele saak teen sittende regter Salvatore Vasta nadat hy die vader tronk toe gestuur het tydens 'n gewone familieregtelike proses. Ek kom laat in 2018, Vasta was voorsitter van 'n saak in die F ...

Queensland Covid: ‘encouragingsigns Brisbane lockdown may lift for Easter

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Greater Brisbane residents will have to wait until Thursday to learn whether a city-wide lockdown can be lifted for the Easter weekend, after “encouraging” results from a record number of coronavirus tests. On Tuesday...

Australia news live: Brisbane enters three-day lockdown; Andrew Laming faces calls to quit

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Queensland premier Annastacia Palaszczuk says shutdowns are the only option to deal with outbreak until vaccination is complete; federal MP under pressure over his behaviour. Follow all the latest developments

Qld Covid: Brisbane to go into snap three-day lockdown after cluster grows to seven cases

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Greater Brisbane will go into to a three-day snap lockdown from 5pm Monday, after authorities detected four new locally acquired coronavirus cases. The state’s chief health officer, Jeannette Young, described the grow...

Race to contain Brisbane Covid outbreak after infected man held party while awaiting test results

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Health authorities in Queensland are scrambling to track down all contacts of two Brisbane friends who tested positive for coronavirus, amid fresh concerns about the outbreak growing. A week out from Easter, Queenslan...

Brisbane coronavirus case linked to mid-March outbreak and health professional with UK variant

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A new coronavirus case diagnosed in Queensland is connected to another announced two weeks ago, with the missing link between the pair likely still in the community. Genomic testing on Friday confirmed the 26-year-old...

Brisbane hospital in lockdown after staff member tests positive for coronavirus

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Brisbane’s Princess Alexandra hospital has been placed into lockdown after a staff member contracted Covid-19 from a patient. The staff member had contact with the patient in the early hours of Wednesday and was infec...