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Teenager brings complaint against Met police over alleged racist stereotyping

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A black teenager who claims he has been treated as a gang member by police rather than as a victim of county lines grooming is bringing what is thought to be the first complaint of its kind against the Metropolitan po...

Antarctic blast brings heavy snowfalls and huge swells to Australia’s south-east

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Blizzards and hazardous swells have hit much of Australia’s southeast as the Bureau of Meteorology issued surf and wind warnings for several states on Monday. Coastlines along the south-east have been hammered by heav...

Vivid retelling brings horror of January 6 back to scene of the crime

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It was too much to take. Too much for a second time. As the cavernous room filled with ugly cries and chants, police radio pleas for help, images of a human herd driven by a crazed impulse to beat police, smash window...

Rail strike brings disruption for passengers on Trans-Pennine Express

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Rail passengers are being warned of significant disruption to services over the bank holiday weekend because of a strike by workers and engineering work. Members of the Rail, Maritime and Transport union have walked o...

Cold snap brings snow and bitter weather to south-east Australia

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An icy blast hitting much of southern and eastern Australia is expected to intensify, bringing low-level snow to several states. The strong cold front and low pressure system would be at its most severe on Tuesday, th ...

‘Itchy, yucky, unpleasant’: wet weather brings leech invasion to NSW suburbs

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Relentless rainfall has sparked a leech invasion in New South Wales, with no reprieve in sight for already damp dwellings. The blood-sucking creatures have been attracted into suburban areas, where higher than normal ...

Losing a parent to suicide brings debilitating grief. Writing about it gave me room to feel

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Before my first brush with real grief I had imagined what it might feel like. I’d wondered – in the recesses of my mind more than anything – if it would hurt, physically, or feel like at all heartbreak. I also wondere...

Hugh Grant brings phone-hacking claim against the Sun

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Hugh Grant is leading a renewed attempt to prove phone hacking took place at the Sun, even as Rupert Murdoch’s newspaper continues to maintain no illegality took place there. The actor has followed Paul Gascoigne and ...

English Heritage brings to life Corbridge Roman town’s lost Edwardian navvies

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His name was Surtees Forster and he is pictured with his bucket directly in front of what was by any standards a sensational Roman discovery. That was in 1907. Nine years later he was dead, killed on the western front...

Hew Locke’s Procession brings colour and conflict to Tate Britain

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Travelling from one end of Tate Britain to the other, brillante, multicoloured figures are on parade as part of a major new public installation that addresses urgent contemporary issues including the climate emergency, B...

‘It’s good to be alive’: groundbreaking New Zealand artist brings light and joy to city streets

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“It’s good to be alive,” artist Sallie Culy says as she finishes a ham and cheese sandwich at one of the many cafes she visits most days in Wellington. “It really is good to be alive.” Sallie’s words, like much of how...

Backpackers’ return brings glimmer of hope for Thailand tourism revival

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After months of absence, Chiang Mai’s waterfalls, night markets and hostels are once again filling up with a familiar sight: backpackers. While Thailand was once a haven for budget travellers, Covid-19 devastated the ...

Zelenskiy brings down the house with his speech to the Commons

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In a video address without precedent, President Volodymyr Zelenskiy appeared in front of a packed House of Commons. He looked tired, and determined, and painfully human. He was not seeking to persuade MPs with his rhe...

Midnight review – deaf heroine brings a new element to super-tense Korean thriller

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This twisty-turny thriller from South Korea is an impressive, auspicious debut for writer-director Kwon Oh-Seung; taut as a piano-wire garotte, it’s compelling as a genre exercise. But it also offers a (possibly accid...

March brings light and warmth, and at last a return to the plot

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marzo: the month of spring and early summer. The equinox and British summer time a week away from each other. The sun will cross the equator. UK clocks will spring forward. There will be more light, more heat, less wi...

que se espera que se conviertan en legislación secundaria el martes

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Ha tardado una semana en llegar a este punto., Ha tardado una semana en llegar a este punto.. Ha tardado una semana en llegar a este punto..

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