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‘Haven’t been seen for 25 años': rains bring salmon back to California streams

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The heavy rains that soaked California late last year were welcomed by farmers, urban planners – and endangered coho salmon. “We’ve seen fish in places that they haven’t been for almost 25 años,” said Preston Brown, ...

Will Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard finally bring scrutiny on the video game industry?

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Microsoft recently announced plans to purchase Activision Blizzard – one of the world’s largest video game companies – for nearly $70bn, making it the biggest acquisition in tech to date. While big tech always seems t...

First aid shipments leave for Tonga, amid fears aid workers could bring ‘tsunami of Covid’

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Australia and New Zealand have started to dispatch aid to Tonga, amid fears that relief workers could bring a “tsunami of Covid” cases to the Pacific Island nation that has so far recorded just one case of the virus. ...

Global surge in electricity use could bring three more years of price rises

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The global surge in demand for energy could spark another three years of market volatility and record power plant pollution unless countries make major changes to how they generate electricity, the world’s energy watc...

‘Bring your own booze’: newspapers lash PM over latest Downing Street party claim

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The latest allegations about lockdown-era gatherings at Downing Street have provoked a furious backlash on the front pages of Tuesday’s papers. The normally pro-Boris Johnson Express blasts a full-throated warning in ...

Bring on the six-hour-long movies – it’s grandeur and scale we want now

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How on earth are the movies going to compete with all that deliciously seductive #content on streaming services? How do you persuade people to mask up and venture out to the cinema when they can sprawl on the sofa and...

Two more stabbings bring London to its worst ever teenage homicide death toll

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London has recorded its worst ever annual death toll from teenage homicides after two boys were killed within an hour of each other in stabbing incidents, llevando el total a 30 por 2021. A 15-year-old was stabbed a...

Hombres presentan demanda judicial contra el Ministerio del Interior por apuñalamientos en hotel de Glasgow

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Dos solicitantes de asilo atrapados en un ataque masivo con puñaladas en un hotel de Glasgow han presentado una demanda ante un tribunal superior contra el Ministerio del Interior y su proveedor de alojamiento., el guardián ha aprendido. Los hombres, uno de los cuales dijo que ....

‘Riz Ahmed would bring intensity and a truly modern sensibility’: readers on who should be the next 007

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Speculation has surrounded the choice of the next actor to play James Bond after Daniel Craig hung up his tux with No Time to Die. En 7 December Barbara Broccoli, producer of the Bond franchise, told Hollywood Reporte...

Mud, glorious mud: restored ditches bring birds flocking back to Norfolk wetlands

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From the driver’s seat of his pickup truck, Jake Fiennes points to the dark green strips of grass that betray the location of a dried-out saltwater creek system on the Holkham estate in Norfolk. If the early autumn ra...

Late monsoon rains bring floods and landslides in Nepal and India

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Late monsoon rains have caused significant damage in parts of Nepal, as well as the Indian states of Uttarakhand and Kerala. Landslides swept away homes, bridges and roads after heavy rain and flash floods. Uttarakhan...

El "día de la libertad" de Australia Meridional para atraer turistas, seres queridos y casos de Covid

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En 23 noviembre, Australia del Sur abrirá sus puertas a los turistas, a los seres queridos, a los residentes que finalmente regresan a casa, y a Covid. Otros estados y países lo han llamado "día de la libertad" cuando emergen parpadeando int ...

Tráelo a casa: Quédate, prueba y compra escapadas de vacaciones

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Un grupo de vagones de ferrocarril restaurados y una cabaña junto al lago hecha a mano, Settle está situado en 30 acres de zonas verdes privadas en el borde del bosque Thetford. Los anfitriones Jo y John han revestido los interiores con una paleta de colores..

Want employees to return to the office? Let them bring their pandemic pets along

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We’re in the midst of a severe labor shortage and a reluctance among many people to return to the office. So how can small businesses attract workers? Maybe we should be considering dogs and cats? It’s no secret that ...

Out of thin air: can hydropanels bring water to parched communities?

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On the dusty, often unpaved roads that cross the Navajo Nation, pickup trucks hauling water are a common sight. Navajo Nation residents are 67 times more likely than other Americans to lack running water in their home...

Insulate Britain protesters bring traffic to halt on M1 and M4

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The climate campaign group Insulate Britain is staging its 10th day of protests in the past three weeks. The organisation said about 30 activists have blocked roundabouts at junction 3 of the M4 near Heathrow airport,...

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