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From crackpot Covid theorists to antivaxxers, hubris and fear haunt the wellness community

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It’s not unusual to meet people with alternative beliefs at a Sufi meditation course on a rooftop in Ubud. But when a mild, vaguely apologetic Australian woman in her mid-50s explained to me that she was responsible f...

Huge domes of dust drift across my floor. Where do they come from – and why do I feel so afraid?

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Is it Covid or is it dust? Since I moved into this apartment, I frequently wake up with a runny nose, an inflamed throat and watery eyes. I’ve never lived in a place that’s so dusty. The amount of dust I must deal wit...

The six ages of driving – or how I went from heroin alley speed junkie to terrified city motorist

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The amusement arcades in Russell Street were the place in Melbourne to buy heroin in the 90s and early 2000s. But I went there to learn how to drive. My housemate and I would wander down to the city after classes and...

I became a super commuter and felt like if there was a system, I had gamed it. Then came the pandemic

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Five years ago I had a teeny tiny house deposit and a desire to settle down (sort of). The only place I could afford was the regions, so I bought a cottage there and left Sydney (sort of). I was not one of those peopl...

I missed four lockdowns. Now I’m living in Sydney with a fridge stuck in my bedroom

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To bastardise Cold Chisel, the last plane into Sydney’s almost gone. There’s around a dozen of us on this Virgin flight, entering a city – as they say on the news “that’s on a knife’s edge”. Covid numbers are up but ...

Bali was our playground. Now Fortress Australia has turned its back on Indonesia

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The effects of living in Fortress Australia are profound on the psyche. Ja, many of us may feel safer, but the longer we stay locked away from the world, the more our horizons shrink. Every bar or beach around the wo...