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Vibrant, gloriously bright dishes to cheer up January

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There was barely a garden without its rhubarb patch. Usually close to the compost heap, leaves large enough for a child at play to hide under. Our neighbours, aunts and uncles all had one, crimson stalks to cut for cr...

The Bright Ages by Matthew Gabriele and David Perry review – the colourful side of the dark ages

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The middle ages are a sort of paradox, write the authors of this engaging history. “When people want to kick a current problem back into the past – whether Islamic terrorism, bungled responses to Covid-19, or even the...

Millie Bright looking imperious and undroppable as England’s anchor

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When Millie Bright lashed the ball goalwards from 25 yards in the first half, it flew wide of Manuela Zinsberger’s net. It was inconsequential, an unremarkable moment in a comfortable win in uncomfortable conditions, ...

Manchester United se toekoms kan blink wees as hulle rondom Sancho bou

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Kort ná rustyd het die Villarreal-aanhangers by hul gebruiklike weergawe van Yellow Submarine ingebreek, die liedjie waaruit die klub sy bynaam kry. Natuurlik, Engelse mense in die buiteland te wees, die Manchester United-aanhangers ...

Colour is the new black as fashion looks to a bright future

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From the classic little black dress to a for ever cool biker jacket, black has long been fashion’s last word in chic. “I love black because it affirms, designs and styles,” Yves Saint Laurent once said. “A woman in a ...

My pal Gareth Southgate is a bright, astute, tactful man but with a restless, ruthless urge

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Gareth Southgate is the best man for the England manager’s job. I have met 17 of the people that have taken charge of my country’s national football team and come to know 11 of them reasonably well. Of all the incumbe...

In Youth Is Pleasure deur Denton Welch resensie - helder glimp van 'n verlore bestaan

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In enkele skrywers is die lewe en die werk so deurmekaar soos met Denton Welch - wat in 1948 op die ouderdom van 33 - of so tegelykertyd interessant en beperk. Sy lewe het begin as 'n relatiewe voorreg en uitbreiding..

Squid: Bright Green Field review – exhilarating punk-funk-krautrock debut

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The multifarious music of Brighton five-piece Squid strives hard to escape definition, their tentacles tangled in krautrock, post-rock, math rock, re-revived post-punk and full-on sax-vamping jazz. Their debut album, ...

Mr Ji: ‘Bright lights and sparkly thrills in the heart of Soho’ – restaurant review

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Mr Ji, 72 Old Compton Street, London W1D 4UN. Bookings via Small plates £3.95 – £7; all big plates £10. Cocktails £8 – £10 You can learn a lot about a place from a trip to the loo. I once knew a journalist...

Promising Young Woman review – Carey Mulligan’s avenging angel burns bright

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It’s stingingly timely material. Thematically, Emerald Fennell’s feature debut, Promising Young Woman, could have been distilled from pure pain, an amalgamation of the countless rape culture testimonies on sites such ...

Why the big bright dress will be a post-lockdown fashion staple

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As we prepare to peel off our jogging bottoms and tentatively reintroduce our lower halves to the world, retailers are betting on the big bright dress as the look of the socially distanced summer. “Breezeable”, “volum...

That glorious mix of chilly air and clear, bright skies? There’s a word for that

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Yesterday I went for a walk with a friend, AKA the only government-mandated social activity at that moment (truly, what a time to be alive!). It was cold, but the sun had lingered, and there existed that glorious mix ...

Wales sink after bright start as Romelu Lukaku seals Belgium comeback

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Wales came away with another magical moment against Belgium but Harry Wilson’s wonderful strike proved insufficient as they fell to defeat in their opening World Cup qualifier. Wilson rounded off a slick team move to ...

Bright Burning Things by Lisa Harding review – gripping quest for self-knowledge

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Like Masha in The Seagull, Sonya, the heroine of Lisa Harding’s intense and unnerving second novel, is in mourning for her life. Her Chekhovian name seems apt when we learn that “failed actress, failed mother” Sonya o...

England must learn lessons from India tour but future still looks bright

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Amid all the despair about England’s heavy defeat in the Test series in India, it is important to keep some perspective: before the tour started almost everyone I spoke to was predicting a 4-0 defeat and, though it wa...