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Hou die landgoed van National Trust oop sodat almal dit kan geniet

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Dinton Park sou nie die enigste eiendom wees wat die National Trust onlangs verhuur het nie (Oproep oor die plan van National Trust om die hektaar Wiltshire -park vir huurder af te weer, 19 September). Laas jaar, dit bied 'n 125-jarige l..

In brief: Human Frontiers; Interviews With an Ape; Work: A History of How We Spend Our Time – review

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Michael Bhaskar Bridge Street Press, £20, pp416 We live in an era of endless discovery and development, but are our best days already behind us? This is the question at the heart of Michael Bhaskar’s fascinating book...

Cheaper Covid tests help high hopes in Italy

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In Italy, mandatory Covid tests required for travel have a fixed price of €15 set by the government, with a result provided within 20 minute (Cowboy’ providers could lose approval to sell PCR travel tests, 23 Augustus)...

In brief: Writing in the Dark; Dust Off the Bones; Looking for the Durells – review

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Will LoxleyWeidenfeld & Nicolson, £20, pp388 Will Loxley’s first biography concerns the fortunes of Horizon magazine, the influential 1940s literary title that Cyril Connolly edited, George Orwell and Graham Gree...

I’d dine with Charles if the price was right

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Re the article by Gaby Hinsliff (The ‘cash for access’ revelations mean a veil of secrecy around Prince Charles must be lifted, 2 Augustus), for the avoidance of doubt, can I just say that Boris Johnson, Rishi Sunak or ...

The Ozymandian reason that we cannot stop HS2

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Simon Jenkins makes compelling points regarding HS2, but surely the reality is that it cannot now be stopped (Ontmoedig en ongewens, HS2 sukkel as Johnson se ydelheidsprojek van £ 100 miljard, 30 Julie). Were sense ever to prev...

Chapter 1: a subject to send you to sleep

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Nigel Farage should really be given a knighthood for his fundraising efforts (Donations to RNLI rise 3,000% after Farage’s migrant criticism, 29 Julie), but unfortunately he wouldn’t be able to accept it because he has...

A brief history of ‘ping’, from gun fights to the NHS Covid-19 app

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Are you enjoying the pingdemic? Huge numbers of people are being told to self-isolate by the NHS Covid-19 app, which issues the instruction even if you have been sitting on the other side of a solid wall from an infec...

The war on woke is a war on decency

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I too have been struggling to understand the word “woke”, but one word used by Nesrine Malik (The right is winning the culture war because its opponents don’t know the rules, 19 Julie) has now nailed it for me: “decenc...

The Guardian view on Labour’s byelection win: a leader’s brief reprieve

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Britain feels better for putting an ugly byelection contest behind it. The very worst of politics was on display in West Yorkshire, with homophobia and intimidation taking root in the campaign to be the next MP for Ba...

Lake District coach ban would be a start

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James Rebanks’ superb review of last summer in the Lake District (Camper vans, crowds, hanging dog poo bags: can the British countryside cope this summer?, 26 Junie) posed implicit challenges to the national park autho...

Jack Draper gives Novak Djokovic brief Wimbledon scare before pressure tells

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Jack Draper was milling around Wimbledon’s practice courts at Aorangi Park on Friday morning, unaware that the draw was taking place, when the 19-year-old caught a glimpse of his name in the top section and realised h...

In brief: Black Water Sister; Mr Wilder & Me; Teach Yourself to Sleep – reviews

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Zen ChoPan Macmillan, £ 14,99, pp384 In this fresh take on the ghost story set in modern-day Penang in Malaysia, London-based fantasy writer Zen Cho blends supernatural events with family trauma. While gods and gangst...

In praise of stillness

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Would it be unfair to suggest that the cabinet’s “do or die” social care meeting was cancelled (Verslag, 21 Junie) because Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock still have no idea what to “do” and consider that the “die” bit w...

In brief: The Cure for Good Intentions; Widowland; The Moth and the Mountain – reviews

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Sophie HarrisonFleet, £16.99, pp271 Switching career from editor to doctor is rare, but as Sophie Harrison says in her memoir, there are a surprising number of skills that can be used in both professions. Each requir...

My husband knew all about the waterworks

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Regular readers will know that Barbara Ewing (Briewe, 3 Junie) is far from alone in appearing prematurely in the obituary pages and subsequently in corrections. Might it not be an idea to arrange an occasional “resurr...

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