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Bridget Christie: Ritual Britain made me proud to be British

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I’m Bridget Christie, a comedian, but I don’t just see comedy. Last weekend I went to a spellbinding exhibition of British folk art called Ritual Britain, set perfectly in London’s atmospheric Crypt Gallery in the bow...

On the Road to Bridget Jones: five books that define each generation

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It took till the end of the decade for the 60s to arrive in our provincial backwater, but the impact was all the stronger for being delayed. Unlike my parents, who’d survived the war and settled down to build a comfor...

Me, Myself and Di review – miserably unfunny romcom about Bolton’s Bridget Jones

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There’s nothing quite so naff and depressing as a British comedy misfire, and Me, Myself and Di is the real deal: a miserably unfunny romcom about Bolton’s answer to Bridget Jones. Her name is Janet Brown (Katy Clayto...

Bridget Jones’s Diary at 20: a gloriously messy ode to imperfection

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My chosen streaming service categorises Bridget Jones’s Diary as “swoonworthy”, “sentimental” and “feelgood”. Despite it being a romantic comedy, I am not sure how much I agree that it is sentimental or swoonworthy; i...