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Tuesday briefing: Brexit and Covid shortages ‘to get worse’

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Ciao, Warren Murray at least able to supply you with some news – including freshly minted gold in the sailing down in the sport section. Gaps on supermarket shelves are likely to continue for several months, supplie...

Wolfgang Tillmans on space, Brexit and Covid: ‘Let’s hope we get on a dancefloor soon’

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Wolfgang Tillmans and I talk on the phone on 23 giugno, which he calls the “fifth anniversary horribilis”, referring to the Brexit vote. He’s at home in Berlin: a day later, he will travel to the UK to install his new e...

‘I can’t recruit chefs’: Brexit and Covid plunge hospitality into crisis

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Lunchtime in St Albans on a sunny weekday in half-term, and restaurants, bars and cafes are doing a roaring trade. Demand has bounced back strongly among residents of the Hertfordshire commuter town, who appear eager ...