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‘We monitor its every breath’: inside Mount Etna’s war room

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When his phone rang at 3.22am last Wednesday, 50-year-old Giuseppe Salerno, the head of volcanologists at Catania’s National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (INGV), was already up after a thundering rumble had...

E3 2021: Nintendo dates The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 vir 2022

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Nintendo showed new footage of the long-awaited sequel Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 during its E3 livestream on Tuesday afternoon, along with a tentative launch date of 2022. The company revealed a new teaser...

Every Breath You Take review – Casey Affleck fires blanks in trashy psychodrama

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In Manchester By the Sea, Casey Affleck gave a heart-rending performance as a father emotionally paralysed by the death of his young children; at times barely moving his features, he suggested the rage and grief swell...

Oisin Murphy is stood down after failing pre-race breath test at Newmarket

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Oisin Murphy, the champion jockey in 2019 en 2020 and clear leader in this year’s title race, was stood down for the day before racing at Newmarket on Friday and referred to the British Horseracing Authority’s discip...

Richard Thompson: ‘I had to put the pen down, take a deep breath, have a little cry

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It’s nearly 55 years since Richard Thompson began his career in music. A pioneer of folk-rock, hugely influential singer-songwriter and one of Britain’s most astonishing guitarists, he was only a month out of his teen...

The Weeknd: Take My Breath review – an instant disco-pop classic

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It’s well-documented how a spell of quality play by a footballer seems to create its own exponential power, snowballing their confidence and sending them into a flow state of accurate passing and silky runs. And so it...

Tom Morello: ‘We came within a baby’s breath of a fascist coup in the US’

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Tom Morello has made more than 20 albums, as a founding member of Rage Against the Machine – the political rap-rock band who have sold 16m records, and whose 1992 track Killing in the Name has become a perennial prote...