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Mujeres bajo 35 enfrentan un mayor riesgo de propagación del cáncer de mama, según un estudio

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Mujeres diagnosticadas con cáncer de mama menores de 35 enfrentan un mayor riesgo de propagación, según el primer estudio global de este tipo. El cáncer de mama es la forma más común de cáncer., con 2.3 millones de personas diag ...

Breast cancer drug approved for NHS after maker agrees discount

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A breast cancer drug that was rejected for routine NHS use in England earlier this year has now been recommended by health officials after a discount was agreed with the manufacturer. The decision has been described a...

Fide sparks anger with ‘gross’ breast enlargement sponsor for women’s chess

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For a sport that has struggled to attract female players, the news that chess has just agreed the biggest ever sponsorship deal for the women’s game would usually be universally welcomed. But the decision of chess’s g...

Drug may help more women survive hereditary breast cancer

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Women with hereditary breast cancer, triggered by the BRCA1 or BRCA2 genes, stand a better chance of survival following successful trials of a drug that cuts the likelihood of the cancer returning after treatment. A m...

Are hair relaxers causing breast cancer in black women? - pódcast

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Research from the Black Women’s Health Study has found that long-term and frequent users of hair relaxers had roughly a 30% increased risk of breast cancer compared with more infrequent users. Shivani Dave speaks to D...

Breast cancer campaigner Kris Hallenga: ‘We were the first to get nipples

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Eight months before Kris Hallenga was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer that spread to her spine, she went to her GP about a lump. Fue 2009, she was 23 years old and, ella dice, “actually very miserable”, havi...

‘A life-changer’: NHS England rolls out five-minute breast cancer treatment

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New ‘quicker and kinder’ treatment combining drugs cuts length of time some patients have to spend in hospitalA new breast cancer treatment will cut the amount of time some patients have to spend in hospital from two ...

Fears England breast cancer deaths may rise as Covid hits screenings

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Progress in reducing breast cancer deaths may be under threat, a leading charity has warned, as figures reveal more than 10,000 fewer patients in England started treatment for the disease in the past year compared wit...

Un estudio encuentra niveles alarmantes de "sustancias químicas permanentes" en la leche materna de las madres estadounidenses

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Un nuevo estudio que examinó la leche materna de mujeres estadounidenses para detectar contaminación por PFAS detectó la sustancia química tóxica en todos 50 muestras probadas, y a niveles casi 2,000 veces más alto que el nivel que anuncian algunos defensores de la salud pública..

Drug trial offers new hope for those with metastatic breast cancer

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Scientists have launched a new trial that could offer hope to those with incurable breast cancer. They are studying whether an existing drug, talazoparib, also known by the brandname Talzenna, may offer a new treatmen...

TV presenter Julia Bradbury reveals she has breast cancer

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The television presenter Julia Bradbury has announced she has breast cancer, and urged other women to check their breasts and seek help if they notice any changes. The 51-year-old broadcaster will undergo a mastectomy...

Breast implant victims should get payouts, Paris court rules

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Thousands of victims of defective breast implants manufactured by a French company and certified as safe by the German firm TÜV Rheinland should receive compensation, a Paris court of appeal has ruled. The case was br...

‘Stop the Breast Pest’: MP’s ‘horror’ at being photographed while breastfeeding

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An MP has described her “horror” after she was photographed while breastfeeding on public transport, as she and a fellow MP launch a campaign to criminalise the taking of such pictures. Stella Creasy, the Labour MP fo...

Sheryl Crow: ‘Surviving breast cancer redefined who and how I am’

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Music was my life as a kid. My earliest memory is singing as we drove through Missouri in our powder-blue station wagon. Having swing-band-player parents meant the house was filled with dancing. Music was my identity;...

More detailed MRI to detect early breast cancer begins UK trials

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tipo de lugar que sacude el círculo, more comfortable way of detecting breast cancer, which could enable tumours to be identified at an earlier stage, has entered UK trials. About one in eight British women will be diagnosed with breast cancer at ...

New breast cancer scan is designed with women’s comfort in mind

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Lying in an MRI scanner is cold and noisy at the best of times, and if you’re being investigated for potential breast cancer, it is highly stressful. Women are injected with a contrast agent to better visualise the b...

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